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For Candy

Andes Yu

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Present

Present TO MY CANDY Yeah,
it is a present for you Here are the things The surface
might be quite simple I have so many choices Hey guy!
It's a birthday present! So as this present Sometimes, stuff could be more complicated than it looks like But when you
get deep down Not till the end, you will not know what exactly it is more
please! After all this shit
I should have a big shot
to prevent letting you down.
Right? And if you don't mind I use English as a B, I shall just start. You will find it
beyond your imagination Things
are just like this Cause actually, I don't know
what to send, either For example,
maybe draw you a picture Just like this—— Or maybe,
I could sing you a song No No No
Not this one. Lets try this........ No No No
Not this, neither Come on!
Give me another chance! This looks better.
But um... At least write a poem! Of course i don't know
how to write one in English. But perhaps it is
not that difficult. Say, maybe I can
use a Chinese style. For instance, let me take
"Song CI" as model.
And i could make one like this <Ru Meng Ling, My Love> As known my love, Candy
For me smiling or crying
Storms just occur although
Right there you'll be being
Shiny! Shiny!
Hold me when I'm dying Bro,
Really?? Now you don't know how this is going to end Yeah I have a big shot
I've bought you something Yeah, something big And sorry for guiding you there.
Actually it is a more normal thing.
And you will use it everyday.
Even more frequently than an ipad No it's not an ipad And that is why I choose it.
It could built your inside confidence when an ipad could just offer a little convenience I think it is more important
for a girl to own one than
an technology device Yeah it is an artifact With real high-quality compound nature leather With a higher level than Gucci
and no one in mainland ever heard
about its banner But it is beautiful, graceful and
gorgeous for touching.
It is still the best even only you know.
And it is my secret present for you. Happy Birthday, Dear Candy. Em....Let's say it is a picture...... It's this bag.
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