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Leadership in sustainability

The content of the new course for managers

Tomi Rozman

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Leadership in sustainability

Unit 5: Management for Sustainability
Unit 4:
Product/Service Sustainability
Unit 3:
Social responsibility
Unit 2:
Technical concepts
Unit 1:
Foundation - understanding sustainability
Leadership in sustainability - Course content
Leadership in sustainability
Register for the on-line training at:
U1 E1: Dimensions of sustainability (economic, ecological, social)
U1 E2: Relevant standards
(Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production)
U2 E2: Water
U2 E3: Energy
U2 E4: Materials and Waste management
U3 E1 Definition/Approach of Social Responsibility
U3 E2 Social impact assessment
U3 E3 Stakeholder management
U4 E1 Life Cycle Concepts
U4 E2 Eco-Design
U4 E3 Life Cycle Costing
U4 E3 Life Cycle Assessment
U5 E1 Innovation for Sustainability
U5 E2 Business Models Innovation for Sustainability
U5 E3 Design for sustainable value chain
U5 E4 Strategic Sustainability Management
U5 E5 Deployment of Sustainability in the Organization
U5 E6 Leadership in Sustainability
The unit makes an introduction of key elements of sustainability, and the relevant standard and norms which help the organization in the process of sustainable development

The unit give an overview of the RECP implementation methodology and specific information on thematic modules on water, energy and materials and waste. What are the best valuable efficiency steps in resource management within an organization
The unit gives an overview on what is social responsibility,
how to conduct a stakeholder engagement process by identifying the organization key stakeholders and the important elements of social impact assessments

The unit gives an overview about life cycle concepts,
how to integrate the Eco-design into organization processes, and how to perform a Life Cycle Assessment, which will help identifying the real impact of the product or services along its life

The unit gives an overview about how to manage an organization in a sustainable manner, starting from innovation, continuing by changing the business model, considering the best aspects of deployment of sustainability within an organization, considering a strategic sustainability management and the best skills that a leader should have to drive the sustainability in the organization

U5 E7 Communication Challenges for Sustainability
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