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No description

Angel Lau

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of NARNIA

By Angel Lau
The White Witch controls the whole of Narnia and the people in Narnia, Mr Tumnus was one of the ones she controled. She hated humans and wanted to capture them. She made Narnia cold, snowy and piled up with ice. Before Aslan entered, Narnia was always winter bur never Christmas. The coldness of Narnia symbolizes the long distance between Aslan (God) and Narnians. However, when Aslan entered, the snow melted and the flowers and plants popped out, which gives this warmth and kindness.
Edmund is the second youngest child in the Pevensie family. He betrayed Aslan and his siblings just because of his desperation of desiring the throne of Narnia that the White Witch tempted him with. Edmund listened to the White Witch to bring the Pevensie family to her, and reported everything about Mr Tumnus and Lucy. Jadis, the White Witch hated humans and wanted to capture them. Edmund betrayed the good, therefore the inside magic will send him the penalty, however Aslan didn't want him to recieve this painful penalty, so Aslan decided to sacrifice himself to save Edmund. However, he reborns. Edmund finally realized that and returned back to them and left Jadis, the White Witch alone, and all by herself, except for the Narnians that she captured.
Lucy Pevensie is the youngest child in the Pevensie family. She was the one who found Narnia in the Wardrobe and she persuaded her siblings to help Mr Tumnus and to save Narnia from the wickedness of the White Witch. On their way to Aslan, Lucy recieves the powerful healing potion from Santa.
Lucy Pevensie finds a magical place in a wardrobe. She meets a faun called Tumnus. Nobody believed what she said at that time.

On day, his brother Edmund enters Narnia, meeting the White Witch. He therefore betrays the Pevensie family and follows the White Witch, bringing Mr Tumnus imprison.

The White Witch wanted to capture humans and the Narnians. She attacks Aslan, the great lion. But Aslan reborn.

Under the Pevensie family's help, Aslan succeeds defeating the White Witch, and they all became Kings and Queens.
Aslan is the great lion, the main character in Narnia. He is a talking lion. He believes that there's an inside magic in everyone, that people had to sacrifice themselves if they do wrong things. He is selfless and majestic. After the White Witch killed him, he came back to life again, and under the Pevensie family's help, he defeated the White Witch.
Susan Pevensie is the second eldest child in the Pevensie family. She was given the bow and arrow to defeat the white witch. And she is also the brave and generous queen of Narnia.
The character Aslan in Narnia represents Jesus Christ in Christianity. Both Jesus and Aslan reborn after sacrificing themselves. And both Jesus and Aslan had followers and were both on a holy journey in which to defeat the evils. Aslan was majestic and it looked like he is the God of Narnia, and Jesus is the God/leader of Christianity.
I think Lucy represents Mary, Jesus' mother. Because Lucy was always beside Aslan, taking care of him. When Aslan died, Lucy and Susan were watching and guarding him. They both came to his tomb early in the morning just like how Mary was taking care of Jesus. Lucy was very faithful and loyal to Aslan, besides, she was also the strongest believer in Aslan. She persuaded and led her family to Aslan for saving Mr Tumnus, and Narnia from Jadis, the White Witch.
Susan represents Mary in Christianity. She was caring for Aslan just like how Lucy did.

Her horn given by Santa represents the prayers

Lucy's healing potion, the magical potion which one drop would make a huge difference. Represents the blood of Jesus which heals our infirmities
The White Witch in Narnia represents Lucifer. Lucifer was the believe of evil spirit. Lucifer was at first a normal person at first but then crossed the boundary between heaven and hell, good and evil, and stepped into the world of evilness . The White Witch also represents the power of Satan. She went against Aslan and made Narnia incredibly icy and cold. And under her control, Narnia was always winter but never Christmas. And the distance between Aslan and Narnia was clearly shown.
Different people have different believes and opinions in Edmund. I think that Edmund represents Judas. Judas was one of Christ's followers, however, he betrayed Christ, and showed the Romans who Jesus was when he was praying. Edmund is pretty similar to Judas, that he betrayed the Pevensie family and Aslan and followed Jadis, though at the end, Edmund finally returned and regret of what he did. However, Edmund returned to the good side, but, unlike Mr Tumnus, being controlled by the White Witch, he followed her without actually being forced to.
Mr Tumnus is a faun, he was the first creature Lucy met in Narnia, the first Narnian mentioned in the story as well as Lucy's close friend in Narnia. He was controlled by the White Witch at the beginning, wanting to kidnap Lucy, but Aslan stopped him, and so, he sent Lucy back. Edmund reports everything that Lucy and Mr Tumnus did, putting Mr Tumnus in jail, because Narnians aren't allowed to be friends with humans. And finally, he returns and stops helping the White Witch to capture humans.
Mr Tumnus was employed by the White Witch. When he first met Lucy, he invited her for tea. He played the flute for Lucy to fall asleep. But Aslan warned him not to send Lucy to Jadis by appearing in the fireplace. The White Witch ordered all the Narnians to send every human who entered Narnia to her, but finally he let Lucy off. Mr Tumnus didn't betray Aslan permanently, therefore he's not an evil character. Maybe Judas isn't the correct symbolism for Mr Tumnus, because Judas was the one who secretly tells the Romans who Jesus was, therefore they could recognize him and send him to death, however, Mr Tumnus returned back to Aslan after the White Witch had freed him. Although, some people do think that Mr Tumnus symbolizes Judas.
During Easter, people get reminded of Jesus' revival. Easter is the festival of Jesus returning back to life. Christ was executed on Friday and reborn on Sunday. In Christians words, Easter is known as one of the holiest days. It's celebrated in March or April. Christians believe that Jesus is the magnificent son of God because he was given a new life. They also believe that God had given them a new life throughout Jesus' death. The date when Jesus was evacuated is known as 'Good Friday'.
On Easter, we celebrate the returning of Jesus. Christians. Many people celebrate Easter by going to the church, holding candle lights, listening to Easter music, ringing the church bells, eating Easter meals... Nowadays, most people hunt for Easter eggs and bunnies, which is mainly made from chocolate.
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