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EDM Artist

No description

Wyatt Flynn

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of EDM Artist

By Wyatt Flynn EDM Artist An Artist Lets Talk about Genres What do you need
to make EDM? Education Options -A Musical Artist is someone who makes music.

-Many different genres of music.

-New genre called EDM.

-EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music -EDM, Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical, and Country.
-Side genres like Alternative, Blues, Reggae, Techno, and R&B.
-What defines different genre are the beat and the sound they have in the music. -Anyone who wants to sucseed and make something amazing has and education about it, and has a Passion for it.

-Starting with and education is the first step someone should take if they want to make music. -First thing you need to know is how to read music.
-Variation of chords and different tones of one sound with a rhythm and beat.
-Musical stores offer the basics
-To perfect and enhance your skills you will look towards
a more advanced place to learn. -Education by a proven professional would be best

-Full Sail University

-Skills they will teach you are to mix, record, engineer and make music. A College Education After the Education The History of EDM? -First originated in the 1960s in Jamaica.
-Overlay multiple tracks to create their own unique tracks.
-EDM starts for the US in Detroit in the 1970s.
-They reconstructed their sounds by mixing two records together at the same time.
-EDM was made quite crudly.
-It is many different genres mixed thogther.
-Skyrocked in the late 80's as a night club sceen. -Very upbeat
-Collage of very altered, mixed, and changed sounds, all combined to make a song.
-Add affects and alterations to one sound.
-Use hundreds of different sounds to make their music.
-It's usually 110 to 140 beats per minute. What is EDM Music like? Why I want to
be an EDM Artist -Dad introduced me to Rock.
-Rock started my love for music.
-I began to pay more attention to the details of the music and became passionate for it.
-EDM blew Rock out.
-Inspired me to become a EDM Artist. -Someone to get you music out into the world

-Find a producer, they will get you gigs and introduce you to new people

-Popular websites, bad idea How you need to treat your Music Career -Not everyone will like your music and you need to accept that

-People will make fun of you and try to hurt you

-Power through and don't think of it -If you are in this for fame and money you shouldn't be doing this

-Do something that you want and love to do.

-Never do something half-heartedly. -Confucius had a great saying: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

-I respect that and I love music so I will be in the clear.

-Most fun thing I think in the world for a job everyday, awesome Best Thing Sources Cited Confucius>Quotes-"Good Reads"-2003 Revised-Page 1-Web - 3-23-13 - http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/15321.Confucius. Hewitt, Michael-"Music Theory for Computer Musicians"-Wikipedia-April 2013 Revised-Web - 3-7-13 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
Electronic_dance_music Continued -Electronic Dance music in a nightclub setting.
-An environment that is centered in dance-based entertainment.
-Largely created for use by DJ's
-Context of a continuous DJ set "History of EDM"-Focus Music-Web- 3-7-13 http://www.focusmusic.co.uk/ The EDM Genre -The rhythmic elements and the movement of the record are sacrosanct.
-Producers work tirelessly to craft new and exciting sounds and textures.
-Automationis based on the changing of textures, sounds, and levels. Everything constantly morphs from one thing.
-A wide sound stage is important. It will add depth to your music and make it feel more real and live Interview of Justin Wyant 1. What are the Responsibilities of an EDM artist?
-Keeping new music out whether that be a new mix or a new track.
2. What makes EDM music different?
-I do everything digitally versus manually playing an instrument.
3. How much time do you spend making EDM music?
-I spend 3 hours a day. When I have free time to spend, I will get more time a day.
4. Does it take more than one person to make the physical music?
-No more than one person is required unless its a collaboration. Also Essential Question -What is the genre of EDM, and how do you make it a career? Life Verse -I must walk justly
-I must be humble
-I must be merciful Questions? The End Thank you for your time and for watching my 8th Grade Project! Any -What is the Genre of EDM, and how do you make it into a career? Revisiting my Essential Question -Answer?
-EDM is a very upbeat genre, with many different sounds and tones.
-To make it into a career you must get an education, a producer and most of all a passion Ricardo Baca-January 11, 2012-"Reverb"-Can't wait:Win tickets to see Steve Aoki at the Fillmore-Denver Post- 3-23-13 Http://searchq?=edm&h=www.heyReverb.com.steveaoki.jpg.steve-aoki-tour. Skrillex-Right in (original Mix) - Skrillex (HQ)-Youtube-The NewMixes- 3-7-13 - http://www.yotube.com/watch?V=NWoH8Vo8ZVo Micah 6:8 He has shown you, O man, what is good? To act justly and to love mercy and walk humbly with your God. Jones-Alexander-The Holy Bible- Garden City, New York-Doubleday & Company-1966 Justin, Wyant. Personal Interview- 3-18-13 Skrillex-"Bang! Official Trailer"-Youtube- Febuary 18, 2013- 4-4-13 - Http://wwwyouube.com/watch?v=bRuJV8_O22g
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