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The Swing Era

No description

Yasmin Evering

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of The Swing Era

Late 1930's - 1940's THE SWING ERA THE SWING ERA Late 1930's - 1940's How did swing music influence people during WWII? History Duke Ellington Key Figures of Swing Music Language Isms Ageism Mainly:
- Americans
- Germans But other countries enjoyed swing too. But Adolf Hitler did not... What is Swing? Jazz began to "swing" as musicians began to learn and adopt swing eighths, the string bass, high hat cymbals, and a looser, more rythmic feeling . A lot of the music that came out of this period was played by bands of ten musicians or more. Because of this the swing era is also often known as the big band era. Some big bands didn't include a lot of improvisation. Count Basie Ella Fitzgerald The Dorsey Brothers Louis Armstrong Benny Goodman He attempted to counter the swing movement by creating patriotic songs, but he failed, especially with the youth of Germany 'Swing Kids' ignored all the laws he made. After a while of ignoring the laws, the Nazi government started arresting all the kids and put them in concentration camps and punished them with hard labour. Swing is... What are the social issues of swing music? Duke Ellington Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington was born April 29, 1899 and died May 24, 1974. He was an American composer, pianist and big-band leader. Ellington's played various music, ranging from blues, gospel, to film scores, popular, and classical. He has sustained a career for more than 50 years .Also this includs leading his own orchestra, composing a songbook, scoring for movies, composing stage musicals, and touring the world. What did Hitler do? Ella Fitzgerald •Ella Jane Fitzgerald was born April 25, 1917 and died June 15, 1996 •Ella Fitzgerald was an American jazz vocalist, she was also known as the “First Lady of Song” •During the “Swing Era” and after Ella Fitzgerald was the most popular female jazz singer in the United States. Racking up 13 Grammy wins and selling over 40 million records. •Her voice was versatile, she was able to sing sultry ballads or sweet jazz or imitate every instrument in an orchestra. She has worked with all the greats of jazz, from Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Nat King Cole, to Frank Sinatra, Dizzy Gillespie and Benny Goodman. Louis Armstrong •Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901 and died July 6, 1971 •"Satchmo," "Pops" and "Ambassador Satch," were just some of the nicknames for Louis Armstrong •Louis Armstrong was a jack of all trades from being a trumpeter, bandleader, to a singer, soloist, to a film star and comedian. •He is most known for songs like "Star Dust," "La Via En Rose" and "What a Wonderful World” •In 1936 Armstrong became the first jazz musician of African descent to write an autobiography: Swing That Music. In the same year he became the first African-American to get featured billing in a major Hollywood movie. In 1937 he was a first again when he was the first African American to host a nationally sponsored radio show. Racism Classism Ageism Racism The Holocauste ran along the swing era (1939-1945) Coloured’ forbidden to enter certain places or apply for certain jobs Ella Fitgerald was frequently discriminated but she got help from Marilyn Monroe
World War II started in the middle of the Swing Era and added a lot of racial tension into the world. People were forbid to enter certain placing or apply for certain jobs. There were special clubs or bars for ‘coloured’ people to dance and play in, while the white people danced and played in their own bar. Marilyn monroe made a very popular club manager hire Ella Fitgerald Classism The Swing Era is in the middle of The Great Depression (1929-1939) Homeless treated like ‘coloured’ Bands had a hard time getting by
The Swing Era started in the middle of The Great Depression (1929-1939). It was easy for bands form because many musicians needed work, the hard part was making songs and getting noticed. The streets were filled with people who have no homes and people who look down upon them with disgust. Just like segregation, homeless people were kicked out of bars and clubs, if they wanted to play swing or dance to it, they had to do it outside with their instrument as their only personal possession while the people with money went inside and enjoyed the music or got a job preforming. •Teenagers discovered swing parents disapprove •Teenagers search for independence through the army and swing music •The teenagers excluded the elders and their classical music in their clubs and dancing In the Swing Era the word teenager was just starting to be used, you were either a young adult or youth. The youth was becoming strong with the need to enter the army or help in some way. Teenagers were more independent, looking to each other instead of their parenst and just like today there are things that teenagers liked that parent think are disrespectful. Swing music was one of those things, discovered by teenagers, swing had a mostly teenager audience with disapproving parents who felt that swing was irritating and a waste of time. Parents fought for control over teenagers. Benny Goodman Also Known as the King of Swing Benjamin David Goodman was born May 30, 1909 and died June 13, 1986 He was a Clarinetist and bandleader •Most famous song is Sing Sing Sing with a Swing The Dorsey Brothers (Jimmy and Tommy) They play multiple instruments but Jimmy liked the clarinet and saxophone while Tommy liked trombone They have a historical marker in Pennsylvania (where they were born) honoring their music James "Jimmy" Dorsey was born February 29, 1904 and died June 12, 1957.Thomas Francis "Tommy" Dorsey, Jr. was born November 19, 1905 and died November 26, 1956 Most famous song is Dream A Little Dream Of Me Count Basie William "Count" Basie was born August 21, 1904 and died April 26, 1984 He played the piano He started to play with a band because he had no money to get back home Most famous song is One O’clock Jump Symbolic Codes Scat Singing is vocal improvisation Gestures Swing (Dance) is a group of dances that is performed to swing music. The dances that were included in swing dancing were Charleston, Fox Trot, and Jig Trot. Costumes Audience as well as performers would wear formal clothing. For example the women would wear dresses, blouses, and skirts. the men wore dress pants and vests. It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing!
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