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A Velocity Case Study – Citrix Services

In 2012, Citrix hired Velocity to help them tell the world about their remarkable services offering. In just five weeks before a key event, Velocity packed in all the strategy, design, copy and development needed to make it a success.

Velocity Partners

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of A Velocity Case Study – Citrix Services

Client Success Fanatics
Taking Citrix Services to market

A word about Citrix Services
All of the teams that help Citrix clients succeed with virtualization projects (support, education and consulting) fall under Citrix Services. But the umbrella term, its organization and offering are relatively new and unknown, even within the Citrix community.

The assignment
1. Create crisp and powerful messaging for Citrix Services
2. Lift their profile before, during and after Citrix Synergy – their key biennial customer and partner event
3. Create a program to generate and nurture leads via Marketo
Time to Synergy: 32 days (including weekends)

Six interviews with key Citrix Services stakeholders, plus desk research of Citrix Services, partners and competitors.
[Images of the people we talked to and/or key Services sites, such as support]
Time to Synergy: 26 days

• Give a single voice to a many-headed organization
• Map the offer to customer needs, throughout the lifecycle
• Define the Citrix Services Journey (Last stop: Success)
• Develop new tone of voice, positioning, taglines and key messages
• Explore five possible design themes, and Synergy collateral
[3-4 visual slides from messaging doc]
Time to Synergy: 23 days

Transform a visual concept into a half-dozen different pieces of collateral at Synergy
Conceive, design, write and code a Citrix Services microsite
Facilitate marketing automation flows with trigger events, emails and landing pages
[Examples of early visual mock-up work and early site concept sketches]
Time to Synergy: 20 days

Responsive microsite
The core of Citrix Services messaging at Citrix Synergy, and beyond
Responsive design optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile (crucial for an event where prospects are on the go)
Show-specific offers – for Synergy visitors only
Marketo integration, handling event-based trigger emails and intelligent landing forms (“If they do X on-site, send them B, linking to C”)
[desktop site and mobile site side-by-side, as images and with video embed]

On-site promotion
Make Synergy a coup for Citrix Services (and feed our lead gen machine)
Branded escalators with URL [image + video]
Branded pillars with URL [image]
Visiting cards with URL for all Services touchpoints [image]
Citrix Services PPT with URL [Slideshare]
[All images point to microsite]

Event triggers
Citrix Synergy contact points triggered emails to bring leads to our microsite
Learning Labs – attendees get targeted offers
Exam results – special offers for test-takers
TechEdge – driving people to popular TechEdge videos
Stand visit – triggers email follow-up with offers
Ask the experts – targeted email to continue the discussion
Post event follow-up – any who didn’t respond to earlier calls-to-action
Last chance – before the offers expire!
[All represented as arrows feeding to microsite]

Core offers
Lead capture using Marketo forms tied with offers:

Education – 25% off any Citrix Training Pass
Consulting – Desktop Transformation Assessment
Support – Premier Support Value Calculator

[screenshots located stage right of microsite]

Analytics report
Leads generated
Quote from Tom

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