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Kevin Brown

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of Hemophilia

Tim Bergin Hemophilia is...
Caused by lack of blood clotting factor VIII and IX
Makes it difficult for people with the disorder to stop bleeding
An X Chromosome disorder, which makes it almost exclusive to males Hemophilia is a heredetary bleeding disorder Hemophilia is a treatable condition Often, hemophiliacs also contract
hepatitus and HIV. Women are generally carriers, while men contract the disease Hemophilia is more common in men because it only needs to be apparent in the X chromosome. For a woman to get it, they need to inherit two recessive genes for it, while males only need to inherit one. You may have hemophilia if you experience...
Bleeding into the muscle or joints
Prolonged bleeding
Frequent nosebleeds
Easy bruising Those with Hemophilia still can participate in sports such as:
Sports are still important to hemophiliacs, as one should exercise the joints and muscles regularly to stay in shape. Famous people with Hemophilia:
Abraham Lincoln
Genghis Kahn
Mother Theresa There are many organizations to help deal with hemophilia Therefore, hemophiliacs have no problems dealing with daily problems. Between treatment and other precautions, hemophilia is an easy condition to live with. Hemophiliacs need to be more careful than non-hemophiliacs, but still can participate in many of the same sports.
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