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Web 2.0

No description

Kayla H

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Web 2.0

Want Something New for your Class??? Glogster Glogster is like an online
poster. You can use it for
any assignment. If you
want someone to use a
video or find pictures, to
save paper, use GLOGSTER
If you don't like glogster, maybe your students will. Its really simple to use, as long as things are appropriate. Lets Theres two different websites for Glogster. Theres Glogster.com and then there edu.glogster.com . You have to use the education website. Because the Regular website is blocked to schools. An Example of glogster in the classroom would be For a social studies project on civil rights. You can find pictures, videos, recordings, and last notes. Prezi Prezi is an online is an online board. Its like PowerPoint. Except it's not 10-15 different slides, it's one big page. You can make a "path" that shows what your supposed to look at in the order that its supposed to be. You can always change the Prezi page. Like editing. Which is any website, but if you mess up on posterboard, you can't completly erase them. The Website link is:
http://www.prezi.com Google Docs. . . You can use google docs for any writing assignment. In Language arts, social studies, Math, ect. Google Docs is an website that is like Microsoft word, but instead of attaching files over and over to e-mail, theres one document, and you send them a link to see your assignment. Also it's live. Live means that you can edit it and the person can watch you as you edit. More then one person can edit your document at a time. So if you use Google Docs, you can have partner assignments, but the students don't have to be next to each other. Website link:
docs.google.com Twitter Twitter is blogging. You can access it from anywhere. And you can always update it. you can only type a 140 character status update. You can use this to figure out if students are having trouble with assignments, or some of the work
If you want the student to act like a sertian person or be "from a time period" you can give them a assignment that has them updating status's like there from that time period.
you can use twitter to remind students about assignments. www.twitter.com/ Cloud Computing ! The cloud is a storage place. You can access it at any computer or laptop. You can use a iPad, laptop, cell phone, etc. Cloud Computing is pretty much ANY website that you can access your information.
For example:
Google Docs
Pandora you can use this in your classroom because you can access any paper, picture, document. You don't have to be on the computer that you stored everything on, because you have the pictures, or document or whatever your looking for, on "the cloud" Blogging Bloging is sharing your opinion on things, as in a certian subject. You can blog about anything. as in, history, math, language arts. You can have students blog about a history assignment. Say you want your students opinion on a story they read, instead of making them write a page or two paper, they can blog about the book. Blogs can also be used to have a setting of different time periods. PicNik... You can use it too edit pictures for posters, or assignments. Make them look old like there from the old times. You can also add text and borders, so you can make it to were your explaining the picture, in good detail, and finding http://www.picnik.com/ Picnik is a picture editing web site. you can also make a collage. Web 2.0 ! ! ! ! Web 2.0 is a read//write kind of web. Glogster//you can make an online poster. You can add video, sound, and pictures.
There’s also PREZI, which is an updated version of PowerPoint. Except there isn’t 6-7 different slide, its one big page. This is good for a classroom because it’s different. It’s new. try a better kind of different Flickr Flickr is a site that you make, edit, and find pictures. You can use flickr to make, edit and design photos, You can make a definition of words into in a picture, or you can use it to design things for a webpage. http://www.flickr.com Pandora Is an Internet Radio station. Pandora is a music website, you can listen to music from different generations that your learning about. Or of your a teacher that likes to listen to music during class you can do that. Also if you listen to songs, pandora gives suggestions of songs to listen too. Http://www.pandora.com
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