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Lord of the Flies - Themes and Symbols

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Chow Hiu Tung

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies - Themes and Symbols

Themes and Symbols Lord of the Flies Civilization Shown by the symbols:
- Signal fire
- Conch
- Grown-ups Quotes:
Ch.2 P. 49
'If the ship comes near the island they may not notice us. We must make
smoke on top of the mountain. We must make a fire.'
# gave the boys the hope of rescue
# the only way to connect the boys with the human world
Ch.4 P.85
'The fire was dead.'
Ralph screamed at the ship, 'Come back! Come back!'
# the fire was out and thus the ship did not notice them,
# they lost a chance of being rescued Signal Fire Conch Quotes:
Ch.1 P.22
'We can use this to call others. Have a meeting.'
Ch.2 P.43
'I'll give the conch to the next person to speak.'
# representing rules and order
# used to gather everyone
# it gave people right to speak
Ch.1 P.22
'deep cream', 'fading pink', 'glistening thing'
# bright, sacred, pure
# greatly respected the conch (rules and orders) Ch.6 P.126
'We don't need the conch anymore. We know who ought to say things. What good did Simon do speaking?'
# the conch totally lost its functions - to preserve rules and orders
# the boys ignore rules (the boys abandoned civilization)
Ch.10 P.191
'the fragile conch still gleamed by the polished seat.'
# 'fragile' - showing the fragility of civilization (easy to be forgot)
- rules are breaking
# 'gleamed', 'polished' - it meant to be very bright and sacred
(civilization should be respected, but the boys didn't)
Ch.11 P.222
'exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist.'
# the conch had been destroyed
# no more rules and order
# totally abandoned civilization Grown-ups Quotes:
Ch.5 P.117
'At home there was always a grown-up. Please sir; please, miss and then you got an answer.'
'grown-ups know things.'
Ch.11 P.204
'You write a letter to your auntie.'
# rely on grown-ups
# longs for adults to help them to solve the problems - adults' civilization can solve problems
# ask advice from grown-ups Ch.4 P.89
'The job was too much. We needed everyone.
# the signal fire was very important
# the only way for the boys to connect with the human world
Ch.12 P.247
'We saw your smoke.'
# the naval officer saw the smoke and thus able to rescue the
boys out of the island Ch.5 P.109
'He had not got the conch and thus spoke against the rules; but nobody minded.'
# the function of the conch was no longer being respected (the boys did not follow rules)
# the boys was so fearful that they believe in their own imagination, they turned into chaos and paid no attention to rules Savagery - destruction shown by the symbols:
- uncontrolled fire
- the island Uncontrolled Fire Quotes:
Ch.2 P.60
'A tree exploded in the fire like a bomb.'
# out of control - represents savagery
# led to the first death - mulberry-coloured birthmark boy
Ch.12 P.239
'the smoke billowed round him.'
Ch.12 P.247
'the whole island was shuddering with flame'
# the fire was used as a weapon to murder Ralph
# no longer a fire that gave hope to Ralph The island Quotes:
Ch.1 P.14
‘The shore was fledged with palm trees.’
Ch.3 P.71
'everywhere was the scent of ripeness’
# the island represents paradise - covered with palm trees and
the aroma of fruit
# shows how dense the forest is and it provided a lot of food to
the boys
Ch.8 P.166
'the pigs lay, bloated bags of fat, sensuously enjoying the shadows under the trees’
'wedded to her in lust'
'this dreadful eruption from an unknown world made her frantic’# the natural harmony before the boys hunt and showed how
humans create chaos
# the human intervention disturbed the natural harmony the boys
represented the blood-lust world, the savage world Darkness of Human Heart shown by the symbol:
- Lord of the Flies Fear shown by the symbols:
- snake-thing
- beast from water
- parachutist
- the hunting & chanting Lord of the Flies Identity Shown by the symbols:
- spectacles (Piggy)
- conch (Ralph)
_ spears and mask
(Jack & his tribe) Superego
Piggy Quotes:
Ch.1 P.19
'cleaning his glasses'
'flashing glasses'
# representing rationality
Ch.5 P.105
'Life is scientific.'
'Unless we get frightened of people'
# wisdom to see things intellectually
Ch.10 P.199
'We shall take fire from others.'
Ch.10 P.207
'From his left hand, dangled Piggy's glasses.'
# represents science and technology - the glasses was the only way to light the fire Ego - Ralph (Conch) Quotes:
Ch.1 P.30
'a stillness about Ralph as he sat that marked him out.'
'most powerfully, there was a conch.'
# the conch represents leadership
# gave advantage to Ralph
Ch.2 P.43
'I'll give the conch to the next person to speak.'
# represents democracy - everyone got a chance to speak as long as they had the conch
Ch.11 P.223
''I'm Chief!'
# the conch had been destroyed - Ralph's leadership no longer exist
# Jack took over and became the leader Quotes:
Ch.3 P.61
'A sharpened stick about five feet long trailed from his right hand'
Ch.8 P.155
'Boys armed with sticks.'
# the spear represents violence - Jack used the spears to hunt pigs
Ch.4 P.80
'liberated from from shame and self-consciousness.'
Ch.11 P.218
'painted savages'
# mask hide their identity and thus they can kill without responsibility, shame, guilt Snake-thing Quotes:
Ch.2 P.46
'A snake-thing. Ever so big. He saw it.'
Ch.2 P.47
'He said the beastie came in the dark.'
# the first beast imagined by the mulberry-coloured birthmark boy
# fear and terror of the unknown when darkness arrived Beast from Water Quotes:
Ch.5 P.105
'I was outside the shelter by myself in the dark.'
Ch.5 P.106
'I saw something moving among the trees, something big and horrid.
# since the shelters were not tough enough, its functions could not be performed - the unknown darkness still provoked fear among the boys
# the second beast was found by Phil Parachutist Quotes:
Ch.6 P.123
'Soon the darkness was full of claws, full of the awful unknown and menace.'
# Beasts were mentioned in the dark
# Boys' fear was triggered by darkness and unknown
Ch.8 P.154
'the beast had teeth, and big black eyes.'
# Ralph described the beast in a detailed way without realizing it was just a human - even the boys did not realized
# the boys' minds were flooded with fear and their own imagination - chaos Ch.8 P.155 'As long as there's light we're brave enough.' Spectacles Id - Jack and the tribe
(Spears and masks) Quotes:
Ch.8 P.170
'dim eyed, grinning faintly, blood blackening between the teeth.'
Ch.8 P.171
'ancient, inescapable recognition'
'I'm part of you.'
Ch.8 P.170'This head is for the beast. It's a gift.'
# the darkness of human nature was innate, inborn
# ugliness of human nature - selfishness, brutality, dominance over others
# the boys gave a shape to the beast (darkness of human nature)
# an offering in ritual
# a tangible evidence to show how violent the tribe was - they pursued the fun and excitement of hunting, succumbed to fear and FELL TO VIOLENCE The Hunting & Chanting Ch.9 P.165
'When we kill we'll leave some of the kill for it.'
Ch.9 P.187
'Do our dance! Come on! Dance!'
'Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!'
# the tribe hunt because they succumbed to fear - they hunt and had offerings to satisfy the 'beast'
# the more they hunt, the more fearful they were
# they pursued the excitement of hunting to release their fear
# the chanting and dancing were like a religious ritual
# they danced to divert attention and thus they felt less fearful
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