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Welcome to the Future

Technology Survey Results and Interpretation

Jordan Mroziak

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to the Future

Faculty Survey

National Survey
Survey Results
Responses to survey about
Faculty and Student usage
Next Steps...
providing support for learning about tech
and integration via...
Departmental Common Hours
Mini-Workshop Series
Done by ATMI/ CMS:
Peter Webster & David Williams
Top Faculty Responses to:
How do you envision yourself using technology:
1.) Record Lessons
2.) Powerpoint
3.) Guided Web Searches
4.) Students Create Videos/ Portfolios
5.) Create/ Listen to Podcasts
Video/ Audio Annotation
Top Faculty Responses to:
Based on student needs after graduation,there is most interest in:
1.) Create & Maintain a Personal/ Professional Website
2.) Create a Digital Portfolio Including Video/Images/Audio
3.) Create Scores for Performance/ Publication/ Rehearsal
4.) Present Scholarship at Professional Conference
Videoconference Lessons/ Interviews/ Auditions/ Performances
5.) Educate Others About/ Using Technology
Learning of Elements
Contextual Experience
Most effective & meaningful application
of technology skills
occurs in integration of separate abilities
into specific disciplines and courses
Responses from institutions in
45 states & Canada
using CMS database of professors
Out of this survey, 7 families of competencies emerged:
Digital Audio/ Recording and Editing
Teaching, Collaboration, Distance Learning
File and Disk Formats
Digital Citizenship and Historical Trends
Physics of Sound
Show how to use a digital audio program to record a music performance...
Show how to use an aural skills/ music theory fundamentals software program...
Create and upload a website that features music content...
Create a music score with a notation program...
Distinguish between commonly encountered file types (.wav, .mid, .mov, etc.)...
Describe the concept of 'fair use'...
Demonstrate how to use a computer with a projector, smartboard, ...
Understand a variety of presentation softwares that use audio, text, video, graphics...
Total Responses N=31
Performance - 17
Musicianship - 3
Therapy - 2
Technology - 2
Education - 6
Other - 1
Welcome to the Future
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