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Patrick Lenihan

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

End of Course (EoC)
Exams????? Grading of NM PED EoC Exams Review Draft Exam Schedule This Spring, all students will take a NM PED generated EoC exam May 9 - 16 for each of the following Standard or Honors Level Course
(AP exempt) they are currently enrolled in.
Algebra II
English III
US History

An AP Exam and/or a Teacher/Dept genertaed EoC exam will be administered in all other courses offered for credit at SFHS. Teachers will be required to grade the writing and open response questions contained in the EoCs using a NM PED rubric.

Answer booklets will have to be returned to the Office of Assessment and Accountability (A&A) so the multiple choice answers can be scanned.

A&A will email teachers with their student's overall score on the EoC exams - teachers will convert* these scores to grades and input them in Powerschool. EoC = Final Exam * Adjusting EoC exam scores to Grades NM PED considers these EoC exams to be rigorous (mini SBA tests). Teachers are encouraged to curve the EoC scores before entering them in Powerschool.

Example: On the Algebra II EoC Exam NM PED considers a score of 20 out of a possible 50 points passing (40%). Accommodations on EoC Exams ELL Students
EoC exams are available in Spanish except for the Language Arts Reading and Writing EoCs (ELL students must take this test in English)

IEP Students
A student with a disability who is receiving special education services should be offered all accommodations as provided in the student’s IEP, as long as they are allowable accommodations as described in the New Mexico Assessment Accommodations Manual, including an additional testing opportunity and individualized cut scores.
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