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ALLSPORT of Austria brand presentation

No description

info @allsport

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of ALLSPORT of Austria brand presentation


Wir leben und arbeiten am Fuße der Alpen
Austrian design tradition
European craftsmanship and quality
Production in Europe
Sourcing of most raw materials in Europe
European social standards
European environmental standards
Securing workplaces and know how in Europe
Improved CO² balance through short transportation routes
Look into our design facilities
Sampling- and prototypes
Quality control
Central warehouse
…combines Outdoor-Function and Chic in an
unmatched manner
…fulfills highest standards of quality
…applies high sustainability and social responsibility
…is a fair business partner
…produces exclusively in Europe
…creates favorite items that get customers excited
…is a tangible brand with a story and a face to the
...has an enthusiastic team that is fun to work with
Let us build success together, because ALLSPORT of Austria...
Outdoor clothing brands in comparison
ALLSPORT of Austria
We believe that most of us have too many pieces of clothing in our lockers

We´d like to get away from a mentality of disposability of "throw it away and buy yourself another one for cheap", towards a mentality of
"get yourself something real and special, a real favorite item. Wear it happily for a number of years, without harming your environment through the production of a poisenous product or through disposing it too early or through the ingredients that have not been chosen based on sustainability considerations."

That is why our design and product development department put so much love, heartblood and expertise into our products. So that through their quality, superior fit and the special something, our products become your real favorite items and deserve to carry our name
ALLSPORT of Austria
Product philosophy - "Lab for favorite items"
Corporate History
Scenic mountain view facing Switzerland.
Taken from the company´s home town, Weiler / Vorarlberg Austria.
ALLSPORT - markets
Czech Republic
4x4 drive hardcore performance under extreme conditions
4x4 drive for all conditions
superior in many situations through quality and performance
state of the art esthetics, chic and design leadership
we stand behind our word,
we practice hand shake quality agreements
we offer maximum support
we only cooperate with experts in the
field that are able to market high
quality and premium products
ALLSPORT = Partnership
- Individual staff trainings
- Company tours and events
- Frequent video mails with info/news
- High Quality photography/images
- In depth product information
- specific solutions where needed
- we help where we can
- we are reliable partners
- we consult where needed
- we find solutions in difficult times
Silent salesman / Hang tag
Our company headquarter is located in Vorarlberg,
in the heart of the Alps at the foot of the mountains in the triangle of A-G-SUI.
That is how we can spend every free minute outdoors, testing our products.
for your attention

Your Team.
ALLSPORT vertreibt seine exklusiven Produkte in 10+ Ländern und produziert in Europäischen Produktionsbetrieben. Am Standort Weiler arbeitet ein ca. 20-köpfiges Team
Kathrin and Alexandra Ludescher take over company management of ALLSPORT in 3. generation at the age of their early 20's
At the end of the 60's, tourism becomes a strong economical factor in our area Vorarlberg. The second generation management, Renate Ludescher-Malin and Ludwig Ludescher, now target the premium ski-, trecking-, travel-, and outdoor clothing market and rebrand the company to „ALLSPORT“.
Magnus Malin founds a clothing company in Rankweil, Feldkirch, Dornbirn and Bregenz, the Malin&Co. They produce work and leasure clothing under the brand “Wetterspatz”.
End of world war II
ALLSPORT designs and markets its products still from Weiler/Vorarlberg. We successfully distribute our products in more than 10 countries.
What we believe in...
we work in the same direction
- and believe in creating win-win situations
• We believe that outdoor-chic and  highly technical function perfectly complement each
other and that it feels good to be dressed well and look good.

• We believe in european manufacturing because it garanties very high social and
environmental standards. It keeps transportation ways short, which is environment
friendly, and it secures workplaces in Europe. Of course it costs us more money.  

• We design our products so that they become most loved items of us and our customers,
so that they are fantastic to wear, feel fantastic and bring joy for a long time.

• We believe that happy people make happy clothing, we show our faces on our homepage
and make our parents proud.  

• We believe in the beauty of sunrises in the mountains and by the sea, in looking after one
another, in spending time outdoors together and enjoying wonderful nature.    

•  We believe in "less is more". For us that means to rather have three favourite jackets
that we love than to own 10 cheap ones that we never wear and dispose of quickly.

• We believe that sometimes we have to earn our bluebird days with waist deep powder
and sunny skies, out there in the snowstorm sometimes.  

• We believe that our products have a very high level of quality, that we should be making
reasonable profits, that we will have to go with the times but stay true to our beliefs.
Examples of our summer 13 product ranges...
Examples of our winter 13-14 product ranges...
Owner and head designer
Kathrin Ludescher
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