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As a youth, What can I do for my country?

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sokhema nara

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of As a youth, What can I do for my country?

Older people
Seek Knowledge
DON'T be Brain drained
& Principle
Take Initiatives
Spread Knowledge
Encourage Good deeds
Show Awareness
Discourage bad actions

Can I do it?
• Clear future plan
• Time management
• Persistent/perseverance
• Passion

What do
I get?
changes the world
Malala yousafzai
16 Years old
Girl education in Pakistan
Jack Andraka, 15 years old
Find a cheaper way to test cancer
Katy Butler,
17 Years old
Led petition against bully
Be a useful citizen
An outstanding youth
Wide network
Scholarship and great job
Make your country proud
Better Society = Better opportunity for you

How to be
Youth & Leader?
Be Ahead
IQ: Intelligent Quotient
EQ: Emotional Quotient
AQ: Adversity Quotient

Plan ahead
Step ahead
Stay ahead

Positive mindset
Entrepreneurial mindset
Life Principle

As a youth, What can I do for my Country?
Participate in Governance Process
Presented by Nara Sokhema
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