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Copy of Color Guard Flag Moves

No description

Laurie Kinder--Lang

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Color Guard Flag Moves

Color Guard Flag Moves
Color Guard
Thank you for listening
Now, go out and join the color guard
It will be a fun time!
Starting position: hands on pole, right hand placed right under flag and left had is place about a foot under right hand.
Left hand will come off the flag
The flag goes down and to left side
The pole will be brought backwards and up
When brought up, grab with left hand
With both hands bring the flag forward and down
The flag will be brought backwards and up.
While keeping the flag in your right hand bring both arms out
The pole will be swung up and above your head with your right hand, grab it with your left hand.
Your right hand will come off the pole, turn clockwise
Keep turning the flag
On last turn grab flag with right hand
Bring the flag up and over to your right side.
Bring it down and around to the other side
Grab the flag with both hands.
Move your flag to your left and your arms will be on top of each other.
Bring flag back up so it is straight up and down.
Turn the flag to the right side. moving to down and to the other side.
You brought it down and around, and now your arms are over each other
Let go with your left hand and move your right arm forward.
The pole will be behind you and the flag will be in front of you
You just flipped the flag
Move it outward.
Bring it around to the other side
It is now on the other side of you, you are almost finished.
Grab the flag with both hands.
The color guard is usually
known as flag girls.
They are the band's visual representation of the music, by using props and movements.
Our school uses flag, to do different routines.
We uses different spins and movements in our routines.
I will teach you three spins

When marching, always hold your flag up and down.
Your right hand will be right below the flag, your left will be a foot under your right.
Do not touch the flag, unless doing the helicopter.
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