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Show and Tell: More Visual Presentations

Presented at the Vanderbilt University Department of Anesthesia / Critical Care, November 1, 2013

Derek Bruff

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Show and Tell: More Visual Presentations

"Still Don't Like You Being Close," Saskia Jansen, Flickr (CC)
"When the right visuals and words are used together, they create a third kind of experience, one that operates by unifying mind and emotion. That's why advertising works, or drama, or film—or the best presentations."

--Nancy Duarte, http://is.gd/dk0ByS
“Slides are slides. Documents are documents. They aren’t the same thing. Attempts to merge them result in what I call the ‘slideument.’”

-- Garr Reynolds, Presentation Zen
"Paraguay," NASA Goddard, Flickr (CC)
Cognitive Load
Dual Coding
Classic Children's Stories - Posters by Christian Jackson - http://is.gd/2quIWD
Visual metaphors help us understand and remember.
Show and Tell:
More Visual Presentations

Derek Bruff
Center for Teaching

"Luminous Idea," Tiago Daniel, Flickr (CC)
The Basics
Start strong.
"Starting Blocks," tableatny, Flickr (CC)
Don't go too fast.
"Surprisingly Quick," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
Maintain eye contact.
"Hoot," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
Tell stories.
"Radio Daze," Ian Hayhurst, Flickr (CC)
Provide some takeaways.
"Riced Out," Scott Waldron, Flickr (CC)
Plan for questions.
"Questions," Oberazzi, Flickr (CC)
Key Principles
Assertion Evidence
Data Visualization
Image as Metaphor
The Big Picture
Show students the relationships among ideas.
"Macro," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
Where to find images?
Make the structure of your lecture visible.
A Simple Chart
Small Multiples
Source: http://is.gd/Iixc9I
More Examples: http://is.gd/xWDwLL
A PowerPoint Makeover
Source: http://is.gd/kbhtVp
Image Credits: http://is.gd/v6ZemN
With which of these do you feel most comfortable?
Which of these strategies would you like to use more often?

A. Assertion Evidence
B. Data Visualization
C. Image as Metaphor
D. The Big Picture
Slides by Michael Alley, http://is.gd/6BtwW1.
Source: http://is.gd/OHYIkd
Source: http://is.gd/KDkrI5
Source: http://is.gd/QJ640e
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