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Green Day

No description

Brandy Faye Lane

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Green Day

Giving Back
Green Day recorded a John Lennon song for a CD compilation to raise funds for Amnesty International
They also donated all royalties from the iTunes sales of their single ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’ to help victims of the Asian tsunami through the International Red Cross.
Who influenced the Band
Most Influential Album
Other Influential Albums
Side Projects
American Idiot: The Musical
Green Day
By Emelyn Walker
Music World 2014
LP was released on Feb. 1, 1994
Dookie changed the way people perceived guitar rock
It was seen as heavy, monotonic, and bleak
After Dookie, it meant something different, brighter and more melodic
It went double platinum, selling more than 16 million copies worldwide
" That's all I wanted - people to be affected by it, with as much passion as I put into it." - Billie Joe Armstrong
They support many charities including:
21st Century Leaders
Amnesty International
Artists for Peace and Justice
Children With Leukemia
Entertainment Industry Foundation
GRAMMY Foundation
Habitat For Humanity
Mines Advisory Group
Music for Relief
Music in Schools Today
Music Rising
Red Cross
Stand Up To Cancer
USA Harvest
Whatever It Takes
They also work to support causes like:
Creative Arts
Disaster Relief
Human Rights
Weapons Reduction
Green Day was, mostly, influenced by the first wave of punk bands
Such include Bad Religion, Billy Bragg, Cheap Trick, The Clash, NOFX, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, The Who, etc.
The Clash
Bad Religion
The Sex Pistols
Dookie won the 'Best Alternative Album' in 1995
MTV Europe Music Award for Best Rock (2013, 2009, 2005)
Grammy Award for Best Rock Album (2010, 2005) • 21st Century Breakdown, American Idiot
Grammy Award for Record of the Year (2006) • Boulevard of Broken Dreams
MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year (2005) • Boulevard of Broken Dreams
There are plenty more awards they have received throughout their time as a band
In total, Green Day has won over 90 awards for their groundbreaking music
At the MTV Video Music Awards they received 9 nominations for "Basket Case"
6 awards for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
They have also received 5 Grammy Awards out of 18 nominations
In all they have 11 studio albums
Their first album made was 39/Smooth
As time progressed, their music became something of a classic
Popularly, as most people would agree, their best albums of all time are Dookie, Nimrod, and American Idiot
When it comes to the most admired songs, most fans all time favorite is 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams'
According to reviews, most loved songs come from the album ' American Idiot', including, 'Holiday', 'Wake Me Up When September Ends', 'American Idiot', of course, and many others
A clip of one of Green Days best songs:
International Superhits:
They released it as a compilation of their greatest and most popular hits
They released two new songs made especially for the album
They were called 'Maria' and 'Poprocks & Coke'
They released a video the same day as the album called 'International Supervideos'
All of the band's previous music videos are included on the DVD
It was a great success, it has sold over 3 million copies worldwide since it's release
This is a compilation of music by Green Day not before released to the public
The album also includes covers by the band only played live
They're songs that didn't make it on the albums for any reason
They made this album in honor of Record Store Day 2014
It contains 20 demos including the previously unreleased track called 'State of Shock'
It was created during the band's recording sessions of 'Uno' , 'Dos' , 'Tre' back in 2012
They created the famous and well renowned album into a broadway musical
It encapsulated the angst and paranoia following 9/11, into a bombastic Broadway production
Opened in 2010
It has high-octane rock guitar riffs and all the vigorous singing and dancing is an evergreen narrative of teen rage, love and loss
The main charcaters are Johnny, Will, and Tunny
They mirror and portray Green Day Fans
They're disaffected young men and women feeling tired and stifled in the suburbs
They long for adventure in the city
They attempt to find it through a chaotic milieu in which they grapple with addictions, depression and the national paranoia based from the following of the 9/11 attacks
Calling it a major success in its tribute to the effects of 9/11 would be an understatement
American Idiot was the group's first real critical break
Before that album, critics generally dismissed Green Day
Main Theme:
Cultural identifiers link the musical to a specific era
Like, familiar ominous lines from President George W. Bush floating from the many monitors dotting the stage
The boisterous story of post-adolescent fear and confusion gives "American Idiot" a certain timelessness
Its main theme is mostly the 70's Punk Movement
"The single most exciting and original live rock concert I've eve seen!" - The Stage UK
"An electrifying, relentless onslaught of riotous energy!" - Broadway World West End
"Explosive choreography, blistering vocal performances and simple storytelling make this rock opera a Les Miserables or the post-grunge generation!" - Edinburgh Evening News
"An unexpected triumph!"- The Guardian
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