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SaveTime Automotive

No description

Grant Leggette II

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of SaveTime Automotive

SaveTime Automotive
Industry Analysis
Market Analysis
San Bernardino/ Highland area
Market segments.
Competitive Analysis
The automotive repair industry is highly fragmented
Local Businesses and Corporate Businesses
Certified Services vs Under the Table Services
22 years of longstanding presence in San Bernardino

Marketing Strategy
Increase annual sales to $750,000 - $1 million.
Industry Growth
Forecasted Growth:

Short Term Outlook:
2012 - 2013: Rise in 3%

Long Term Outlook:
2013 - 2016: Compounded annual rate of 2%

Gasoline Prices are forecast to decline into 2014
Customer Trust & Education is a core element
Certified Female Technicians
More number of Women Drivers
Increase in vehicle complexity
Critical Success Factors
Employment of Skilled Automotive Technicians
Provide Superior after Sales Service and Support
Obtain Most Recent Repair and Technology Information
Located Close to Key Markets
San Bernardino filed for bankruptcy
Median household income since 2008
Hispanic population 37% 62%
Consumers are keeping their car 63.9 months
Market Segment 1
Married couples between the ages of 35-60 in the 92407 zip code

$877 annual average on vehicle maintenance and repairs
Married couples 36 times more likely to spend money on vehicle maintenance
Highest median home prices
Nearly 33% of all households have income over $75,000
Has a higher population in our target range
16 and above 9.4% since 2007
# of vehicle's -9.9% since 2007
Revenue (8111) -6.1% since 2007
Revenue (811111) -21% since 2007
Market Segmentation 3
California State University – San Bernardino
20,000 people per quarter
CSUSB employs more than 3000 workers
Average salaray of professors $82,452
Enrollments swell to over 18,000 students
Marketing Objectives
Increase online presence
Improve curb appeal and use location to advantage
Escalate their presence and visibility in the community
Develop a promotion plan to being in business during downtime.
Primary: Married couples between the ages of 35-60 in the 92407 zip code
Secondary: Government workers in San Bernardino
Tertiary: Staff and students at California State University, San Bernardino.
Increase presence and visibility in the community and raising awareness.
Raise Awareness in community
Sponsor little league team
Advertise at some community events

Press Enterprise holds a Reader’s Choice voting annually

Marketing Materials

Curb Appeal
Continued Strategy
Continuing with the class
Implement the Marketing Strategy
Recognize the best possible Market Segments
Know the Competition
Know the changes in the industry
Exercise strengths over weaknesses of from comeptition
Market Segmentation 2
Government Employees in San Bernardino

Approximately 18% of the entire workforce in San Bernardino is employed through the government
Highest employers in the area
Nearly 43% of government workers live in our primary target market
16% live in the 92405 zip code
Workers share their reviews and recommendations in their articles and newsletters.
Population Population 16 & Up Total Vehicles
San Bernardino 213,298 158,113 49,581
Highland 53,725 38,235 13,695
Total 267,023 196,348 63,276

Automotive Repair Automotive Repair
(naics 8111) (naics 811111)
San Bernardino* $45,411,000 $12,987,000
Highland* $8,055,000 $5,972,000**
Total $53,466,000 $18,959,000

Forecasted Growth
San Bernardino
Automotive Industry
Overall Industry Size (as of 2007)

Establishments - 165,552, 1% decrease
Revenue - 85 billion, 519,000/shop, 19% decrease

General Automotive Repair Industry:

Establishments - 81,659, 1.3% decrease
Revenue - 37 billion, 462,000/shop, 14% decrease
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