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Mock Interview: Recording Engineer Questions.

No description

Ackera Williams

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Mock Interview: Recording Engineer Questions.

Mock Interview
Q1: What levels of education do you require in this field?
Q3: What are the type of schedules do you require an engineer to have?
Q4:What qualities do you look for in a recording engineer you want to hire?
Q2:What software's do you want your engineers to have experience with?
A: The software our recording artists should have experience with are Sony ACID, Pro Tools, and Adobe Audition. It is also more beneficial if they have taken courses in computer technology.
Q7:How much does the average Recording engineer or audio engineer make?
A: The answer may vary based on salary but the average audio engineer makes about 91,000 a year.
Mock Interview:
Recording Engineer
By:Ackera Williams


A: We usually look for a person who has some college level education or some form of technical school training in sound engineering.

A: The schedule required for a recording engineer is a flexible one. You will sometimes work for 24 hours straight or from early in the morning to late at night. There is no set schedule, it is only whenever you are needed.
A:The qualities we want our engineer to have is to be able to be creative without sleep as well as be able to work well under pressure. It is also quintessential that the engineer has a trained ear.
Q5:Where should I start out to gain experience?
A: You can gain experience by being an apprentice, assistant, or intern at a small studio, this is a great place to start out.
Q6:What is a common occurrence with this job?
A: A common occurrence with this job is no sleep, and hardly any breaks. Our engineers are constantly working, and that is why we require the to be proactive and be able to handle any challenge thrown at them.
Q8: Does it matter if the engineer is a people person?
A: Yes this is a key element of being a good recording engineer, you will be working with many different people and you need to be able to get along with them and make them feel comfortable, you want to have a calm and relaxed professional environment always
Q9: What does the recording engineer have to do if there is no assistant?
A: If you do not have an assistant, some things you will need to be able to are create audio, operate the mixing console, and maintin instrument/ equipment.
Q10: How important would you say a recording engineers job is?
A: A recording engineers job is just as important as the artist. Without them there would only be an idea.
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