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Cellphone searches

No description

Prezi Project9

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Cellphone searches

1ts Reason
I don't call just 2 or 3 people saying that someone is dealing drugs a reasonable cause to search that persons cell phone but it should make you be more cautious. then after maybe 5 or 6 people tell you then you need to have a talk with that student and let them confess or not. in the 4th Amendment it states that " The right of the people to be secure in persons. . . against unreasonable searches and seizures."
2nd Reason
IT'S NOT SCHOOL PROPERTY! Unless its in a locker or its not bought by the school then its not school property. Not unless the school has a different policy. " Unless I see or have reason to believe that she is pulling out a gun, perhaps. "
3rd Reason
I feel that the parents need t be aware of the situation. So get them to come to the school and have them search it. The school had nothing to do with searching the phone so everything is good and dandy. " Parents of high school students generally don't sign a paper that
Why Is This The Result?
With today's generation people text a lot with friends and family. Some tell tell their secrets and don't want others to find out. They could be sharing information that would ruin ones reputation and they don't want to get caught. I mean the list never ends.
No I don't think they should be able to search my phone.
1st Reason: They need more reason than just a rumor or two
2nd Reason: The phone is not school property
3rd Reason: The parents need to be aware of the situation so why dont they search it.
Cellphone searches
EQ: Should cellphones be searched if educators have a reasonable cause to suspect violation of school rules or the law?
3rd Nine Weeks Reading Project
Alex Herring
6th Period

their children could be searched."
Factors Why
There is a lot of information on a cell phone some information you don't want others to see. you can access emails banking accounts, social media the list is endless.
What Do You Not Want Your Teacher Seeing?
Texts: Xll
SM: l
Pics: lll
Videos: 0
Pass codes: V
Email: 0
My Opinion
I personally think that cellphones should not be search. Only if there's an emergency the parent of the student should search the phone. But even before that you need more than just a few rumors.
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