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William Penn

No description

Annamarie Rienzi

on 3 September 2011

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Transcript of William Penn

William Penn Male Groups Blocked by Likes Friends Information facebook Home Profile Friends Inbox Basic Information Sex: Birthday: Hometown: Personal Information About Me: Employer: Position: Time Period: Location: Description: Interests: Education and Work London, England October, 1664 The Quakers, "Religious Society of Friends" Quaker Oats with Thomas Loe, Betsy Ross, Susan B. Anthony, and Christopher Fry. Admin.- George Fox and Margaret Fell Dislikes Authority
Church of England
Taxes Self-Employed Real Estate Promoter The Religious Society of Friends Married to: Gulielma Springett March 1681 (when I acquired the land)-1712 (when I acquired paralysis) Pennsylvania, "Penn's Woodland" (which, at the time included Delaware) I am a Quaker and I believe that all we are all children in the sight of God. I think violence is a waste of time; I'm all for passive resistance. This is one of the reasons that I have been such a successful advertiser of my land in The New World. When I'm not in jail or disrespectfully--but passively--resisting authority figures, I enjoy advertising my woodland, Pennsylvania! Thomas Loe: Influenced Penn to become a Quaker Besty Ross: Sewed the first American flag, Quaker Susan B. Anthony: Worked in Women's Rights and Sufferage, Quaker Christopher Fry: an English Playwright and Quaker. George Fox: founder of the Quakers. Margaret Fell-Fox: George Fox's wife, Quaker. The Quakers Questioning Authority Passively Resisting Lord Arran Robert Spencer, Earl of Sunderland Gerrard Winstanley This guy came with me to the rebellion at Carrickfergus. A true gent! Earl here helped me get Pennsylvania! The head of the Levellers. Great guy. The Native Americans Even though I was nice to them, the Natives were still mad. I guess it has something to do with taking their land? I dunno. William Penn:
Pray, pray, pray. I pray I make PA... the best colony ever!
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