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No description

Trevor Minnich

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of alchemy

Double click anywhere & add an idea the philosophers stone the philosophers stone is the great work of alchemy
Alchemists say the stone is a blessing beyond all blessings upon earth...given to but very few and to those few by revalation of the good angels. ALCHEMY The seven steps to creating the philosophers stone 1.Calcination 2.Dissolution 3.Seperation 4.Conjunction 5.Fermentation 6.Distillation 7.Coagulation www.mugglespace.com/profile/johnlouie www.ambrosiasociety.org/the_philosophers_ston... Calcination calcination is the first step in alchemy. Calcination represents burning Dissolution Dissolution is the second step in alchemy Dissolution is adding water to the ashes of calcination urbangardenproject.wordpress.com/.../ Seperation the third step in alchemy the individual is able to see there self in two parts (the opposites within) the two worlds(the world we have created and the world of conciseness and reality) Conjunction the fourth step in alchemy. Conjunction gives us a glimpse of the higher world. a glimpse of something greater that is outside and not connected to ourselves The history of western alchemy In the twelth century translations of arabiac alchemy (derived from greek text) were found by archeoligists in egypt. Paralcelsus set little example of transmutation.But he did prepare alchemic medicine.Many seventeenth century dotors also used alchemic medicine.This form of alchemic healing was also adopted by mystics. : www.animevice.com/homunculi/22-135 Egyptain alchemy this the phoenix transformation spell from the egytian book of the dead : ''I have flown up like the primeval ones,I have become khepri, I have grown as a plant. I have clad my self as a tortoise, I am the essence of every god,I am the seventh of those seven Uraei who came into being in the west". " Horus who makes ther brightness with his person ,that god who was against Seth,those who was among you in that judgement of him who presides Letopolis together with the suols of Heliopolis the flood which was between them.I have come on the day when I appear in glory with the strides of the gods for I am Khons who subdued the the lords"." As for him who knows this pure spell,It means going out into the day after death and beijng transformed at will,being in the sweet of Wennefer, geing content with the the food of Osiris, having invocation offerings,seeing the sun;It means being hale on earth with Re and being vindicated with Osiris,and nothing evil shall have power over him a matter a million times true." Alchemic facts Chinese believe you can lengthen life by drinking from a golden dish. Alchemy is associated with many religuos beliefs alchemic techniques used to create gold were closely related with death. Alchemic facts x2 Alchemists believe all matter was made up of a single formless substance. Alchemists also believe in the four major elements-rock,air,fire, water armageddon.
and the two worlds. students.umf.maine.edu/delanonh/public.www/ ROCK! air fire www.guzer.com/pictures/rock_star_cat.php www.thisweeknews.com/.../pages/work.html?sid=104 www.scsv.nevada.edu/.../archives/2007_10.html water www.istockphoto.com/file_closeup/illustration...
Alchemy x3 Alchemists believe that you can change a substance simply by manipulating these elements,this process is called transmutation the theory of transmutation led them to try to transform ordinary metals into gold and silver. alchemic facts x4 Greek/egyptian alchemy spread throughout Syria and persia to the Arabs Alchemy spread to western europe during the 1100's-1200's Alchemists drew theories of matter from ancient greek texts alchemic facts x4 alchemy was popular during early christianitity and the early 1700's some alchemy was practiced in china and india before the birth of christ alchemy also developed very well in Egypt www.thedigitalbits.com/.../sullivanint.html alchemic facts x6 The greek speaking scholars use the ancient greek alchemyto help them learn how egyptian artisan's made things. Alchemy was closely related with astrology. And incase you were wondering (because I have had way too many people ask me "What is alchemy any way" ) alchemy is pretty much a magical science sorta deal.OK ? so don't ask me anymore people(and you know who you are). The Benu bird The Benu bird is closely related to the phoenix. It is pretty nuch an egyptian phonix The egyptian book of the dead decribes the Benu bird having a long straight beak and a two feathered crest,it is the physical manifestation af Re and Osiris. Bibliography world mysteries-alchemy and the philosophers stone,2009 world-mysteries,com April 1st,2010 [http://www.world-mysteries.com/awr alchemy.htm] Facts you didn't know about alchemy|scienceray,2010 scienceray April 15 2010
[http:scinceray.com/philosophy-of-science/facts you- didn't- know- about -alchemy/ Dundes,Alan Alchemy,world book millenium 2000 chicago World book incorporated copyright 2000 stages of alchemy.2007.hollingsworth counseling.
[http://www.hollinsworthcounseling.com/stages.htm and to all those people who don't believe what I'm telling you,believe it because it's all true SHUN THE NONBELIEVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S Rate me well please

thank you. Green,Anthony ed.Alchemy, Encyclopedia brittanica chicago Brittanica copyright 2007
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