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COM10003 Assessment 2A Violence Against Women

No description

Shamla Naqebullah

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of COM10003 Assessment 2A Violence Against Women

Psychological Abuse
Domestic Violence
Economics/Financial Abuse
Monday, May 18, 2015
Com10003, No. 2A
Women facing abuse and torture
Violence Against Women
Sexual Violence
Violence against women can be instigated from views of hate, racial views and personal mentality. Violence can come from people of all backgrounds and upbringings. Most women are attacked by people who are close to them, such as family and friends, and some women are victims of random attacks of violence by strangers.
Violence can be perpetrated against women and girls in many ways, including financially, domestically, sexual and psychologically.
In the following presentation, we will explore some of these types of violence.
SOL Project2a News
Effects on Children
Psychological Abuse is also knows as Emotional or Mental abuse. It is described as humiliating, controlling on what she can or cannot do, isolating her from her loved ones, embarrassing her in front of her family and friends, keeping away from her necessities such as food, sleep or money. Reports explain one in three women having experienced violence (World Health Organization, 2014)
Violence can lead to damage health, depression, mental health, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating and sleeping problems (Australian Bureau of Statistics , 2014)

35% of women experience violence from partner/non partner in their lifetime (World Health Organisation, 2014). Personality and mental characteristics of the guilt party can be the reason to this behaviour (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2014)

Organizations to help women

Provides leadership to help and improve women’s health and not in a non violence environment and introduce programs for women to have a healthy lifestyle preventing violence.

It is an organisation, established with the support of State Parliament of VIC to have a safer environment by promoting good health, safety also to fund raise for more activities for the well-being of women.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Canberra Australia. Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2014). Australian social Trends 2014. Retrieved from

Organization, W. H. (2014). Global report highlights impact of violence on women’s health. Cairo, Egypt. Retrieved from


Victoria Australia. Preventing violence before it occurs: A framework and background paper to guide the primary prevention of violence against women in Victoria. (2014). Preventing Violence before it occurs. Retrieved from

Recent Incidents
Types of Violence
Where to find help
Recent Incidents
Where to find help
Credibility of Sources
Domestic violence is abuse that occurs between partners, family members or related individuals within relationships; it can be violent or mild. It happens when one party in a relationship wants to dominate the other so that he/she can maintain their full control through unfair treatment, fear, intimidation and violent behaviour. Women have suffered more than men from domestic violence through sexual, financial, emotional and physical abuse (Smith & Segal, 2015).
Physical Abuse
Emotional Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Financial Abuse
Sexual violence is another form of domestic abuse where women are sexually mistreated or misused by their partners without respect or the upholding of their dignity. This leads to rape cases and attempted assaults among women that may result in broken families (The Advocates for Human Rights, 2013).
Sexual violence is a term used when a person has not given their consent to engage in a sexual act that is committed by another person. This includes unwanted sexual comments, coercion or psychological intimidation. According to the Australian Human rights commission Australian women are more likely to be sexually assaulted by someone they know as opposed to a stranger, this is called intimate partner violence. As a result of intimate partner violence approximately one woman dies each week.

Reporting sexual violence
1 in 5 Australian women will have the courage to report experiencing sexual violence. Statistics show that most incidents do not get reported, indicating that women are more likely to disclose the information to a trusted friend or family member rather than reporting to authorities. The 2012 abs survey states that 67.2% of women do not report incidents to the police.
Sexual violence at home.

The 2012 ABS Personal Safety Survey shows that 62% of women had experienced sexual violence that occurred in their own home, the perpetrators were a current or ex-partner. Victims of sexual assault can be left feeling traumatized which may include physical symptoms of lack of sleep, anxiety and depression. In Queensland a 67 year old man will face charges including sexual assault, incest and rape of his daughter, grandson and adopted daughter. (News-mail.com.au)

Sexual harassment in the workplace.

1.5 million Women have reported experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace, according to the International violence against women survey, conducted by the Australian Institute of Criminology. Research indicates that this impacts on the culture of the workplace and impacts individuals’ sense of wellbeing.

Darryl Biles was charged with murdering an 18 year old ex-partner and young mother. In NSW the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ newspaper reported on the 3rd of May that in the last week two women were murdered by their partners.

In Queensland a 67 year old man will face charges including sexual assault, incest and rape of his daughter, grandson and adopted daughter. (News-mail.com.au)

This is a campaign to end violence against women and is led by men.

National sexual assault, domestic, family violence, counseling service.
Center Against Sexual Assault (CASA): provides a crisis response to victims of sexual assault, counseling and contacts with legal, medical and government systems 1800 806 292

Victorian Sexual Assault Crisis Line: is a statewide after-hours confidential telephone crisis counseling service for victims of past and recent sexual assault — 8345 3495

1800 RESPECT: a 24/7 national sexual assault and domestic/family violence counseling service — 1800 737 732

Safe Steps Family Violence Response Center: a 24/7 service that provides a starting point for people who have experienced, or think they have experienced, domestic and family violence — 1800 015 188

The problems surrounding financial violence actually inhibits the victim from making the move to a better life,women within this cycle of abuse can be prevented from working,they are isolated from their families,deprived of their own money,coerced into handing over all financial authority to their partners and they can be deprived of transport unable to use the family car, limited to an unrealistic budget this type of abuse affects families living with a range of other issues this abuse affects many families.
The stress experienced when a woman finally plucks up the courage to leave,may then not able to do so when she finds that she has no money of her own, often the family home had been put into a partners name without her knowledge,Milligan,B(2015) retrieved April,(24,2015) from www.bbc.com/news/financial abuse she may not have ever been able to work and then would lack the skills to find suitable employment, having no credit in her name would limit her ability to access accommodation, and would ultimately cause homelessness, fearing for their children also inhibits the decision to leave.
The issues surrounding violence are many it has become almost commonplace within our society and been in the news regularly. The problem of violence is that no one wants to know about, those that do know about it won’t do anything about it and the victims are paralyzed to stop it, our legal system can be limited to what they can do and our policing systems are stretched to their limits with the prevalence of it.

The issues surrounding this abuse can affect women from leaving the family home due to hardship experienced when trying to find a safe place to live for them selves and their children.
This type of abuse can be caused from drug and alcohol abuse by their family member,the addicted person will be using all of the families finances to support their habit.
Incident 1
“Husband charged with 100 domestic violence-related offences”
A woman was raped, choked, assaulted and almost killed by her husband. He further breached an AVO 19 times, stalked or intimidated her 26 times, damaged property, caused verbal harassment and physically assaulted many times over 18 years. A police officer said that this case was one of the worst cases of domestic violence local police had seen (Olding and Levy, 2015).

Retrieved from http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/husband-charged-with-100-domestic-violencerelated-offences-20150417-1mn83k.html [17 April, 2015].

Incident 2

“Police suspect a domestic-violence attack has ended in the death of a teenage Brewarrina woman”
A 22-year-old man was arrested and taken to Brewarrina Police Station where he was charged with murder. He had three outstanding warrants. Police was certain the woman was hurt during a domestic-violence attack (Ansari, T., 2015).

Retrieved from http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-04-27/brewarrina-murder/6424612 [27 April, 2015].

Emotional abuse is the tormenting of the victim’s mind by hurting their feelings through use of words, actions or lack of action, leading to stress, isolation, worry and depression. Many women have suffered through this form of abuse, but it is hardly recognised in its early stages because it involves intimidation and insults through words and actions without involving any physical violence on women (The Advocates for Human Rights, 2013).
Financial abuse is a form of domestic violence that involves women being discriminated by their partner to force them to depend on them for financial support. They are misused and mistreated by their partners by restricting them to fully access their financial assets, in addition to denying them power to make financial decisions (Womens Law, 2015).
Physical abuse is considered as torture due to its devastating effects on women. Physical abuse is violent, attacking behaviour on a woman’s body that results in injuries. This includes sexual assaults on the victims (Smith & Segal, 2015).
The impact of violence on children
Children who grow up in a home filled with violence can endure long lasting effects, as well as the immediate threat of violence towards themselves and their mother. A report by the Queensland Domestic Violence Taskforce 1988, stated that 90% of children present in violent homes had witnessed violence towards their mother. These children also risk growing up to cause violence in their future relationships as the violence that they have witnessed becomes a learned behaviour.
Unfortunately, teen suicide is a leading cause of death in young adults, second only to motor vehicle accidents. Australian studies have shown that between 23.5% and 49% of teenagers have had suicidal thoughts at some stage in their lives. (Australian Institute of health and welfare 1997)
Children may react to violence in
the home in a number of ways.
Some of these include
Self Blame
Recent news article highlighting violence with children


In April of 2015 in Sydney, a mother of four was stabbed to death by her husband in front of her 18 year old daughter.
Not only did this young girl watch her mother be murdered by her own father, but she also had to task of calling triple zero to try to save her mothers life, and she also received injuries to her hands whilst trying to shield her mother from her fathers rage.
This stories are becoming more and more prominent in the news.
The Australian Government has implemented a plan to reduce violence against women and their children. This plan can be accessed at www.dss.gov.au/our-responsibilty/women/programs-services/reducing-violence-towards-women-and-their-children-2010-2022 (Department of Social Services, 2010)

The White Ribbon Foundation has a range of services that can be accessed via their website www.whiteribbon.org.au/stop-violence

Lifeline is another great resource that women and children can access via the web or call when in a desperate situation and need help www.lifeline.org.au or 13 11 14
Credibility of Sources
What is it?
Types of Violence
What is it?
Types of Violence
Recent Incidents
Where to find help
Credibility of Sources
What is it?
Types of Violence
Where to find help?
Recent Incidents

In July 2012 Rachel yeo was murdered by her colleague Paul Mulvihill, after ending an affair she reported feeling threatened in the work place and requested to work from home. (daily telegraph.com.au)
Credibility of Sources
What is it?
Types of Violence
Recent Incidents
Credibility of Sources
Where to find help?
The impact of this violence on children is far reaching.
Self blame
The age of the child at the time of the violence
Parental substance abuse or mental illness support networks
The Sydney morning Herald newspaper.
Accuracy: Author given, Rachel Olding.
Authority: Qualifications: Bachelor in arts (media and communications)
Organization name: Fairfax media
Objectivity: Fact based newspaper
Current information, date provided.
Coverage: they have used other resources to validate their information.

Accuracy: author's name given and organization name provided.
Authority: The Bundaberg newspaper company.
Objective: Fact based newspaper
Currency: Date provided
Coverage: Seeking interviews to validate their information.

Abs survey
Accuracy/ Authority: Author is The Australian Bureau of Statistics.
Objective: To provide accurate details for research.
Currency: Date is provided
Coverage: Site used credible sources to validate their information.
(daily telegraph.com.au)

Meets all 5 criteria from Metzger 2007
Author, date organization details, coverage and objectivity to provide facts to the Australian public.

QLD Domestic Violence Task Force 1988 retrieved from Domestic Violence Prevention Center Gold Coast, 2015. http://www.domesticviolence.com.au/pages/impact-of-domestic-violence-children-and-young-people.php

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 1997. Retrieved from http://www.rch.org.au/cah/research/Youth_Suicide_in_Australia.

Partridge, E. Olding, R. Sydney Morning Herald, 1 april 2015 Retrieved from http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/sydney-motheroffour-stabbed-to-death-in-front-of-daughter-20150331-1mc44j.html




Domestic Violence Prevention Center Gold Coast

Accuracy - QLD Domestic Violence Task Force 1988
Authority - This paper was presented to the Hon.Peter McKechie in 1988
Objectivity - To provide a detailed report on domestic violence in Queensland.
Current - Information and date has been provided.
Coverage - The information provided in this source has come from a number of different resources.

Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne

Accuracy - Published by world renowned hospital
Authority - Author's are health professionals
Objectivity - To provide fact based information to the public
Current - Information is dated and current
Coverage - Numerous sources have been cited.

Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper

Accuracy - Author's are Emma Partridge and Rachel Olding
Authority - Both authors are crime reporters for the newspaper
Objectivity - To provide fact based information to the public
Current - Information is dated and current
Coverage - Relevant sources have been used to validate information

Australian Department of Social Services

Accuracy - Government department
Authority - Report written for the australian government and public safety
Objectivity - To provide a plan to the government in regards to public safety
Current -Information is dated and current
Coverage - Information in the report has come from a number of sources and surveys

The credibility of the online resources used have been assessed using the five criteria mentioned by Metzger (2007).

The Helpguide Organisation
Their information is accurate and reliable as the content is provided by Harvard Medical School experts. Contact details of support hotlines are provided. Their objective is to give unbiased and reliable information about various health related topics. An internationally recognised resource. Huge coverage and dedication to mental health and well-being. Current information was updated in April 2015. The credentials and names of the authors have been provided

The Stop Violence against Women Organisation
Accurate as all the addresses and contact details have been provided. Objective is to advocate for human rights. Coverage is huge and quite comprehensive on the topic of violence against women and includes fact sheets, law and policy and articles, research and reports. Currency is not reliable as last updated in August 2013, so it is a bit outdated. In terms of authority, a reference of the sources is provided.

The Woman’s Law Organisation
The accuracy of the information can be verified and is reliable as it shows all the contact details. Objectivity of the site is to provide referrals and information to survivors. They are also a social change organisation aiming to diminish the existence of violence against women. Annual website users amount to more than 1.4 million. Coverage is huge and extensive on various topics regarding all types of abuse and violence. Information is current as it was updated in March 18th 2015. In terms of authority, all the references have been provided including authors of the information.

• Raped and murdered an 8 weeks pregnant woman in Brisbane while she was on her way to work. A 19 year old teen was drunk when he committed the crime.

( http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-04-28/joan-ryther-man-charged-with-rape-murder-fronts-court/6427444 )

• High school teacher in the New South Wales was missing and found murdered by the Police a week before her wedding day. She was the 30th woman that was killed in Australia by violence this year.

( http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-04-13/murder-victims-relatives-attack-epidemic-violence-against-women/6389890 )

Types of Violence against women :

• Same – sex relationship violence (Womens health, 2012)
• Partner abuse
(Women's health, 2012)
• Stalking
(Women's health, 2012)
• Sexual abuse
(Women's health, 2012)
Chathusala Arambewale
Shamla Naqebullah
Debra Hunter
Kim Rees
Karley Barton

Safe Steps offers services and professional support at no cost to women, their children (family and friends) living with family violence.
The services they offer include:
- A 24-hour family violence response on 1800 015 188
- Safety planning
- Safe-house accommodation
- Refuge accommodation
- Outreach services
- Information
- Advocacy


This government website provides information about family and domestic violence. It describes how they can help with regards to payments and support, and lists other government and community support services.

Image number 1: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/nsw-domestic-violence-deaths-2-women-dead-in-7-days-20150503-1mypxd.html
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© The Bundaberg Newspaper Company Pty Limited 2015. Unauthorised reproduction is prohibited under the laws of Australia and by international treaty.

White Ribbon Australia: Fact Sheet 14 - Offering support and taking action.



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Advocare Incorporated
Elder buse Prevention Unit (EAPU)
Perth unit 1/190 Abernethy road Belmont WA 6104
Ph: (08) 94797566

Elder Abuse help line
free call 1800655566
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Domestic Violence Funding in NSW
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Sounds and video and background image
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Violence Against Women
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News Flash
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To compile correct information on Psychological abuse I referred to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Womenhealth.gov and Vic Health as the data maintained by the government and the World Health Organisation is responsible for public health within United Nation. These organisations are included with national and international phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and postal addresses. According to Metzger checklist the information I have used are current, accurate and has an objective as well authorised by the government (Metzger, 2007).
The Conversation news item
Author: name supplied
Qualifications, Masters of social work
Senior Lecturer, school of psychology
University of South Australia
29.April 2015 date given.
D V Connect phone: 1800811811
Brisbane Homeless service centre: 07-30364444
Emrgency accommodation Queensland


Wendt, S.(29.April.2015) The conversation .com/how-housing-affordability-hurts-women-and-kids-fleeing-violence-4036

BBC News Financial Abuse news/business Item.
Authors name was given and his
Qualifications, a Financial advisor and reporter from the above the date of the source was given.24.April 2015
Emergency Accommodation Queensland Government
Milligan,B 24, April 2015 http:// www.bbc.com/news/business-32430816
Violence against women is a growing problem in our society that has far reaching effects on women, as shown during this presentation. It is up to all of us to be vigilant and look out for the women around us, not only in our homes and families, but in our workplaces, school and communities. We need to stand up and speak out in order to bring these soul destroying issues to the forefront of our minds, and hopefully we can one day rid our world of this violence.
What is it?
Full transcript