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Coach Carter - Leadership

No description

amanda place

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Coach Carter - Leadership

Gardner's 10 Functions of Leadership Coach Ken Carter 1. Envisioning Goals
2. Affirming and regulating important
group values
3. Motivating others towards collective
4. Creating an atmosphere of mutual
5. Explaining and teaching
6. Serving as a symbol of the group’s
identity Envisioning Goals *He stated and reinforced that the goal of the season is to go to and win the championship; Coach told the team the goal could not be reached without the players abiding by the contract
*Another goal of the coach is for the seniors to graduate high school and move on to play at the college level “If there is one thing I know, the losing stops now. Starting today you will play like winners, act like winners and most importantly, you will be winners." -Coach Carter Affirming & regulating
important group values *Reaffirmed that the group's values were to act as a role model for the community. That would be accomplished by staying out of trouble, maintaining a certain GPA and showing respect for the sport by wearing a coat and tie on game day. “You signed a contract. You made a commitment.”
-Coach Carter Motivating others towards collective goals *He has the ability to not only see what could be in the future but encourages the team to recognize that with personal drive, each individual and the team as a whole can reach their goals.
*IE. motivational speeches in locker room “But that doesn’t have to be your life. My point is this. I have four seniors on this team, Junior, Lyle, Kenyon and Worm. All of whom I think can play basketball at the college level. College. That’s a viable option for all of you, but you have to perform in the classroom to have that chance. You have to have a vision.” -Coach Carter *The contract highlights what the coach needs from the players. If the coach stays committed to what the contract says it eliminates questions and there are no secrets which creates trust.
*Made clear there is a trust between the coach and players when Timo went to the coach’s house in a time of need.
*Coach doesn’t favor/ immediately play son; that shows the team coach carter has the best interest of team. Creating an atmosphere of mutual trust “But I want him to play for you.” -Junior’s mom Explaining & teaching *Conditioned the team from the beginning because the coach knew physical stamina helps to win games
*He used stories of women in his life to name plays
*Continuously corrected plays and the players’ form during practices and he ran different drills “Worm no no no no sir. Look at your defensive posture c’mon. Split your man. Back straight. Butt down. This hand blocks against the passing lane. This hand protects the crossover.” -Coach Carter Serving as a symbol of the group’s identity *Originally became the face of the team in the community because of the team’s record
*Wasn’t until the scandal broke that Coach Carter emerged as the symbol of the groups identity according to the nation; many people impressed on how important education was to the coach. Others were upset because they believe the coach’s job was to solely win games.
*Spoke for the team during the press conference.
*Coach Carter’s identity turned positive again with
the team back to winning after the lockout. “Here’s a story out of California that is getting national attention. The entire boys basketball team at Richmond high school has been benched. The highly ranked Oilers have a perfect season on the court, but some players were in big trouble academically, and in an unprecedented move, Coach Ken Carter canceled practice, locked the gym and sent his players straight to the library.” -TV reporter Tactics For Giving & Receiving Feedback Coach Carter gave feedback when he decided to go through with the lockout. Players & parents received the feedback from Coach Carter. Tactics for giving: *Grades
*Progress Reports
*Given Solutions Tactics for receiving: *Specific examples
*Shared feelings about lockout
*Asked questions COACH CARTER Nicole Curatola
Miriam Kaskel
Breanna Lally
Amanda Place
Marcus Smith
Russell Williams Ethical Leadership NOT Recognized As A Leader *Maintains all of the coach's rules
*Only student on the team that chose to be at that school
*In the mid-season tournament it is his on court leadership that leads the team to victory
*Keeps up the GPA requirement
*Actions as a leader on the court resulted in victories
*Actions off the court helped the other students academically Damien Coach Ken Carter Why: He made decisions not based on what would
better his life, but the life of his basketball
players. Coach tries to teach his players that there's more to life than basketball. Dilemma: Carter discovers that some of his players have let
their grade point average fall lower than 2.3,
as ordered in the contract; He decides to lock the team out of the gym and send them to the library & study hall until their grades improve. Key Leadership Topics Teamwork & Motivation Moral Manager & Moral Person Coach Carter Traditional Team: Motivation Teamwork Individuals that work in physical proximity to each other but bring out complementary skills to the task at hand Impact: In the beginning the team worked hard to achieve winning game but failed to withhold their grade point average due to social loafing. Moral person: he was knew the right thing to do was lock the gym up until the teams grade point average increased. Moral manager: by explaining to the team why it is important to keep good grades and how being a good student can affect your life positively after high school. Coach Carter’s decision to lock the gym up affected the team in a positive way.

They started to study more and because the “men” Coach Carter wanted them to be. Raised grades to play again! Key Learning: Everyone must work together to achieve success understanding the needs of those they are trying to lead. Coach Carter is able to motivate the team because.. He went to the same high school played for the same team understands what the boys are going through... & facing diversity and playing for faculty that don't believe in their futures. Key Learning: A leader must believe in the individuals he leads to
gain respect and achieve success The End. Thank you! Any Questions? & Kenyon Damien Kenyon * Maintained a GPA of 3.0
* Kept teammates motivated while
studying when they wanted to quit
*Stayed humble when the team was
undefeated; not letting his ego get in the
way of team unity
*Focused on building a better life for himself mNcjslka
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