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Hang Son Doong

No description

Lucas Augustyn

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Hang Son Doong

Hang Son Doong
Physical Characteristics
Hang Son Doong is a cave in Vietnam located within the Phong Nha-Ke Bàng National Park. It is currently considered the largest cave in the world. It has a small forest inside, and a beautiful winding river cave. The cave has amazing scenery, and fantastic rock formations. It is a truly magnificent place. It is located at coordinates 17.53722, 106.15125.
Job Opportunities
There will be plenty of job opportunities including: construction workers (to build all of the new buildings and structures), miners, electrical and hydro workers, doctors, explorers, dentists, store/shop owners, mayor and council members, librarians, teachers, fishermen (although not too many because we want to protect the fish), environmentalists, and any other job needed in a developing society.
Weather and Climate
It will be very warm most of the year, as it is a tropical climate. During rainy season, it will rain alot, however, other than that it is beautiful. I do not know what the natural disasters will be in the cave (I doubt there will be any) but Vietnam is often, unfortunately, victim to monsoons, floods, landslides, and massive storms.
Energy and Heating
For electricity, we can hook up solar panels at the top of the cave, and in the river we could create a hydro dam. For the energy we will still need, we can install electrical wires coming from the nearest Vietnamese town. We can take water from the river and purify it in a water treatment plant, but we will still have to import the rest of water we will need. For heating and cooling, we will have geothermal heating. It will go into the ground, as well as through the walls and roof of the cave.
Environmental Impacts
Unfortunately if we move to Hang Son Doong we will negatively effect the environment. In order to make room for the new residents, we will have to cut down about half of the forest. We will try our best to leave the rest of the environment alone, and eventually plant more trees.
Population and Transportation
The cave will only be able to hold about 2500-3000 people so only a small amount of Pelham will be able to live in our cave. We will need to walk everywhere because there will not be any room for cars. We can build a parking garage up above to store your cars, so if you need to go anywhere, your car will be there.
Imports and Exports
We can export lumber, fish, cave pearls, limestone, anything we find while mining, and minerals found in the cave. We will need to import all the food we will need, all materials needed to construct all our buildings and anything we plan to sell in stores.
We should move to Mountain River Cave (Hang Son Doong in english), because it is a beautiful, diverse replacement to our current location. If we move to MRC (Mountain River Cave) everyone will have an equally important part in society, and we will all work together to create an even better community.
Resources Available
We have lumber, water, rock/stone, limestone, fish, cave pearls, minerals, and anything found while mining.
Our main source of income will be through tourism. We have hotels available for tourists, and we will have tours going out everyday. Some will be day tours, and some will be for multiple day tours. We could also make a small income from our exports.
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