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CGW4U migration

migration terms, and pros and cons of migration for sending and receiving countries.

M Rudkins

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of CGW4U migration

Migration Issues
some terms:
Asylum seeker
3rd country resettlement
for sending & receiving countries

sending countries
less competition for jobs (fewer workers)
pressure on services can be alleviated
emigrants send remitances ($$) back to home country
$583 Billion in 2014
lose most educated & enterprising people
they are needed to build infrastructure, provide
education, medical, judicial and social services
they take their tax paying ability
with them
receiving countries
get skilled workers (trades)
ready market for goods
taxes support aging population
integration issues?
creates economic ties to home countries
immigrants used as scapegoats when
problems develop
"Brain Drain"
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