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Copy of summary LISA GOES TO LONDON

No description

Valentina Sanchez

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of summary LISA GOES TO LONDON

Lisa goes to London
Thank you for your attention!
Una joven se va de viaje a Londres con el fin de participar en la final de una competición. unirse a su compatriota y finalista en su visita turística existente de la capital británica.
It's nine o'clock. Lisa and her parents are home. The mother and the father of Lisa, are eating breakfast in the kitchen. Lisa holds a letter. It seems very excited.

"Mom, Dad, listen to this," says Lisa. "They are really wonderful news!"

"Really? What are the news? "Asks the father of Lisa.

"I am a finalist in the international competition of short stories," says Lisa. "The organizers offer a week's holiday in London to all finalists.It's a free ride! "

"This is great news," says Lisa's mother. "Well done!"

"When you have to go," asks the father of Lisa.

"One minute," says Lisa, and read the letter. "From Monday to Saturday: visit places of interest. Sunday: The end. I should be in London on Monday. "
Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Chapter 3
by: Maria Jose Torrado
grade: 6-1
level: D

It's Monday morning and Lisa is in the Heathrow airport in London. A young woman is waiting. Walk over to Lisa.

"Hello Lisa. Welcome to London, "he says. "My name is Diana. I am your guide. "

"Hello," says Lisa "This is the first time I'm in London and I am very happy."

"London is a very interesting," says Diana. "I love it. Now we have to go to your hotel. My car is in park. Grab your bags and follow me please. "
Lisa and Diana are on site. They are in Lisa's room. Lisa is looking out the window.

"Wow!" Says Lisa. "It's a wonderful view"

"That's Hyde Park," says Diana. "It's great."

"I can also see a lake and some ships" says Lisa.

"That's the Serpentine lake," says Diana.

"I need to take a picture," says Lisa. She holds her camera. "Photography is my hobby"

"You can take lots of pictures in London," says Diana. "But now we must go to the lounge. Other finalists expect there "
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