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Artifactual communication

No description

Andreas Qiu

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Artifactual communication

-non-verbal communication
Artifactual Communication
The appearance of the human beings can
provide us a lot of information such as
the personality, habit, job, and social
position through the clothing decoration
make-up even the hair style.
Everybody must have the experience of
feeling uncomfortable when faced a guy
who did not feel like fresh......... or the experience that we felt attracted because of some perfume.
At that moment you just accepted the
information expressed by the scents
"Colour is a powerful and important communication tool, and it is tied to religious, cultural, political and social influences.(Sharma, N. 2012. "How Do Colors Affect Communication?". ELTWeekly. vol.4, no.13)
Jewelry and tattoo are the body adornment used in the ancient time, they played a very important role not only in the ancient time but the modern society.
Body adornment
*Clothing, decoration, make-up and hair-style
are artifactual communication
*Color can provide a lot of information to others
*Body adornment can make people get information as well

Thank you!
Picture comes from Google
Picture comes from google
Picture comes from google
Picture comes from google
refer to as aroma and fragrance in food and cosmetic industry
Perfume is a
very personal
Example, perfume
for office wear,
it shouldn't be
strong nor to
Picture comes from google
Is there any
smell can take
you back to your
childhood or the
past time?

Scents trigger
memories of the
past and can be meaningful in different ways to different individuals.

For instance, the smell of the food made by mum can make people feel the feeling of hometown and family,
With the smell
of hormone,
human beings
can be attracted
by each other.
Is Iphone a part of the Artifactual communication?
If so, what does it tell us?

Social status symbol---I'm on trend!
"I am rich"
different phone cases express owner's personality
Phone case puzzles
Color in Artifactual Communication
Purple mourning ( Thailand )
royalty, luxury, wealth (western culture)
Black mourning(western cultures)
honour( Japan)
Red danger, love, passion(west)
purity(India), good luck(China)
mourning(South Africa)
Yellow courage(Japan)
Color affects humans perception and behaviors.
*long hair: gentle and kind

*short hair: neat and clean

*non-mainstream: punk rock, Aro hair, colour hair dye
*Jewelery: women's favourite, showing elegance
*Watch: men's favorite, indicating social position, punctuality!
*Glasses: hard-working, cultivated
......but a pair of sunglasses...
*heavy make-up
awe-stricken? uncomfortable?
*light make-up
-tailored suit&western-style clothes: professional!


-T-shirt,skirts,hot pants, vest:relaxed
Ancient time
Strength, Courage
Individual symbol
*Show the social position
*Social position
Modern Society
*show the unique personality
*show the social position
*show that you are COOL!
Question time
Match the perfume to a proporate environment
Phone is not allowed!
Take out your phone on the table and let's see what kind of person people think you are~
Observe the presenters and answer the question.
Color affects humans physiologically trough their emotional acceptance of colours
How about your favorite ones?
Made by Andreas
Information collected by
Sheilla Sunny Andreas Chen
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