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Administración Bilingüe

No description

Melody Andrea Peralta Torrealba

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Administración Bilingüe

Specific Objectives
Attention protocol
Methodology of Work
Strengths and Opportunities
Administración Bilingüe

Macarena Lara
Melody Peralta
Francisca Pizarro
Linsay Rojas
Joaquín Santibañez
Kristoffer Weibel
Using administrative processes
Using Dafo
Creating an improvement plan
General Objectives
Propose improvements to dental clinic
Company description
To help to keep the population healthy and to improve the quality of life of the sick persons
To be a model in management of dental and medical ambulatory health in Chile
Survey Results
Planning Activities
Weaknesses and Threats
Reserva de Evaluación
Tomar turno de espera
Atención en módulos
Toma de Rx
Evaluación Odontológica
Valorización de Presupuestos
Web page
They work with Fonasa
Personalized attention
Many Specialties
Dental Emergency Service
Many Payment Methods
No train workers
Using technical vocabulary to explain treatments
No equipment maintenance
High cost of dental evaluation
High competition from other dental clinics.
Low interest in oral health.
Free evaluation at other clinics
Staff survey
Do you receive training for the customer?
In what state can you find the electronic equipment that you use for work?
Do you have the instance as a worker to suggest improvements?
Patient Survey
Were the customers treated with kindness and called by name?
Do you considerate that signs inside of the center favors to your orientation?
Can you schedule appointment of treatment in call center or on the website?
Finally we conclude that having a proper handling of customer and give them the tools to facilitate their care and comfort,
to get an excellent attention for the customers

Improvement Proposal
- Customer Training
- Patients surveys
-Equipment renewal
-schedule hours
by call center
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