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Princess Diana

No description

Library Media

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Princess Diana

Princess Diana
Later Life
Prince Charles and Diana grew apart. They separated in Dec. 1992. Then I started dating Dodi Fayed.
On August 30, 1997 Dodi and Diana were eating dinner at the Paris Ritz Hotel. On the way back the Dodi's apartment and they crashed into a tunnel. Dodi died and Diana was badly injured. She died in the hospital. The whole world was SADDENED by my TRAGIC death.
Early Life
She was born in Norfolk, in eastern England on July 1, 1969. Her parents were Edward and Frances Spencer. Age at 9 her parents got divorced at she went with her mom to England. Then she moved back with her dad. That year she went to boarding school. Later on she moved to a 500 year old mansion. She went to Switzerland for finishing school. After that she had several jobs but she really loved to dance.
Middle Life
She started dating Prince Charles who was much older than her. On Feb. 5, 1981 he proposed to her. They tried to keep it a secret but the press found out. They got married on July 25, 1981. The train on her wedding dress was 25 ft. long. It was the longest in british royal history. We went on a Mediterranean cruise for our honeymoon. I had two children. Their names were Harry and Wills.
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