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No description

Hannah Silver

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Editor

What does an editor do?
Editing can take from a couple of months to a year
How long does an editor's task usually take?
What are an editor's skills and responsibilities?
- leadership, excellent communication

- creative under pressure, attention to detail

- understanding of rhythm in storytelling and narrative

- responsible for assistant editors + trainee
How many Editors work on a single film?
ONE (plus assistants and trainee)
Training and Qualifications
- no specific requirements

- industry recognized training => good

- experience and reputation => best
Extremely important during the film process
Work from pre-production to post-production
kung fu + boxing
Daniel Craig
aliens + cowboys?
ninja + dark mage
-Ensures film flows effortlessly
romantic drama
the d is silent - USE THIS
-Works closely with Director
-Selects best takes
-Edits footage to create scenes
Long, unsociable hours are spent working and re-working scenes
1-3 hours = 1 finished screen minute
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