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Gravity Defying Wine Bottle Holder

No description

Trey Senn

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Gravity Defying Wine Bottle Holder

Brought to you by Dining Decor Company Overview Small Start-up company located in Greenville, South Carolina
Carry two lines of product

Both products provide a fascinating way to display wine bottles whether it be a dinner party or daily occasion.
Hand-made and crafted with quality wood
Curved Model
Straight Model 1. Establish strong internet sales by the end of first year

2. Maintain strong customer service with all customer Work on website and establish domain name
Market product on Amazon, eBay and NexTag
Target our market through social media websites

customer satisfaction surveys
customer is always right policy
maintaining contact with previous buyers
Uphold 30 money back guarantee Gravity Defying Wine Bottle Holder Start-Up Costs Start-up costs would be minimal considering a few aspects of the business
Online / Kiosk based
Very few materials needed
"Just-in-Time" inventory system
$300 $10 $3-$6 $330 $600-700 per month Locations and Facilities Production Facility would be a company member's home in Greenville, South Carolina

Kiosk in the Haywood Mall located in Greenville

The central location for selling in Greenville enables the company to not only reach out to young professionals in the local area, but easlity advertise the products in the two large metropolitan areas: Charlotte, NC & Atlanta, GA
BUT WHERE? Products and Services Initially, there will be two products included in our lineup The first of the products is a straight wine bottle holder that uses counterweight to support the weight of the wine bottle. This is a very percise piece of work which allows for someone to display their bottle of wine in style The second product is a curved wine bottle holder that uses counterweight to support the weight of the wine bottle. This particular model works with any bottle with many levels of wine inside. These two models are sure to be the talk of any dinner conversation and sure to puzzle a few. Services The after-sales services will include:
Top Notch customer service Advertising Develop a brand name
Greenville and surrounding areas

Dining Decor online site
Partnership with other sites

Kiosk located in the Haywood Mall of Greenville, SC Billboards
Business Cards

Example: Ebay Any Questions?
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