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Rowena M. listanco III-s(a)(sped 12)

No description

Rowena Listanco

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Rowena M. listanco III-s(a)(sped 12)

ASSISTIVE LECTURE #2 COMMUNITY INTEGRATION SUIT Is a prompter and cognitive aid designed for use by individuals with cognitive disabilities
hosted on handled pocket PC
provides simplified access as the computer automatically turns on and cues the user to begin a task,travel to a specific location or remember an event or appointment
COMPUTER AND WEB ACCESS SUIT is a set of simplified computer desktop, browser, and electronic mail programs designed for use by individuals with cognitive disabilities
this software suite enables users to launch any program from their personalized , simplified Windows desktop and surf the internet or send and receive e-mail using pictures and audio w/o any required reading or writing DECT 6.0 EXPANDABLE DIGITAL CORDLESS PHONE WITH ANSWERING SYSTEM(MODELS KX-TG9332T &KX-TG9333T) is a cordless telephone with speakerphone and voice output caller identification designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision .
in addition to talking caller ID, other output features include a talking alarm clock and talking battery alert
has a digital answering system, speakerphone function , call block, night mode, light-up indicator,or two to three handsets GIMPGEAR ULTRA-PRECISION USB JOYSTICK MOUSE &PC CONTROLLER Is a joystick mouse interface designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or neurological disabilities or cerebral palsy.
utilizes differential magnetic fields without any mechanical parts to provide smooth operation .
a sticking rubber joystick wrap slipping
the user rest passively over the teardrop shaped joystick handle for mouse control
the unit has three large built-in buttons for left, right ,and middle(drag) clicking. MILBAT KEYBOARD GUARD Is custom keyboard designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities
available with or without a USB connector
the keyboard is contained in a metal tray to protect it from impact.
MILESTONE 321 DAISY PLAYER Designed for use by individuals with blindness or low vision
incorporates an audio books player
accessible MP3/AAC player ,voice recorder, FM tuner/recorder , alarm clock and RFID tag reader in one unit MOUNTBATTEN PRO LEARNING SYSTEM is an electric braille writer and training device for use by children who are learning braille
includes a Mountbatten electronic braille writer w/ digitized speech , assignable function keys, notetaker, and word processor functions, sufficient memory for 600 braille page, and the ability to transfer files to and and from a PC . NANO PDA-LITE is a braille note taker and personal digital assistant designed for use by individual who are blind or have low vision
has a braille keyboard and cursor keys w/ voice output , and takes up to 90 minutes of recorded notes and up to 1,000 written notes.
text notes are entitled by using the braille keyboard or the cursor keys. PAC MATE OMNI (MODELS BX 400, BX420, BX440, QX400, QX420, AND QX440 is a personal digital assistant(PDA) designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision
this pocket PC device is available Perkins -style braille keys (model BX400), 20 braille cells (models BX420), 40 braille cells (modelBX440 and QX440) or a voice only unit w/ a standard QWERTY keyboard (model QX400 that utilizes JAWS for Windows for Speech output. Rowena M. Listanco III-s(a)
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