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The Solar System

By Jesse Mathena, Gage Quillen, Andrew Mroz

jesse mathena

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of The Solar System

VIP Facts: It can support life sun The Solar System k earth hi Mercury Mercury Uranus Neptune Saturn Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Earth Size: It is 6,371 km big Order from sun: 3rd Planet from the sun Color: Blue,White, Green, Brown atmosphere is made up of Methane, Nitrogen, and carbon monoxide. It is made out of oxygen, silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium diameter: 49,500km
8th planet
color: ocean blue
temperature with a low of -328f
and a high of -240f
8 known moons
made out of hydrogen,
methane, ice
farthest planet from the sun k 2274 km Atmosphere: The Atmosphere is a layer of gases surrounding the planet. Earth is retained by Earths gravity. Ninth planet from the sun. The color is white or ice. It's composition is made of icy objects. The atmosphere is made of methane, nitrogen,and carbon monoxide. The temperature is -387 to -369. It has 5 moons Charon, Hydra, Nix, P4, and P5 Interesting Facts Named after an ancient underworld greek god. It spins opposite of Earth. V.I.P Facts diameter: 60,300km
6th planet from the sun
color: orangish
temperature -285F
62 known moons
made of hydrogen and
has rings made up of ice
and rock 100 lbs on Earth=6.7 lbs on Pluto Can see stars on Pluto in the daylight because the sky is so dark. A little girl named the planet Pluto. Pluto Composition: Temperature: 159.3 F Moons: One 2440km It is the 1 planet from the sun The color is black and brown diameter 51,118km
7th planet from the sun
color: blue
temperature: -357F
27 known moons
made of water, methane,
and it seems to be tilted
on its side The composition is made up of rock and iron The atmosphere is hydrogen, helium, oxygen, sodium, calcium, and potassium. The temperature is 300 to 500. It has 0 moons. Interesting Facts Has a very thin atmosphere. They call it the Planet of Extremes. V.I.P Facts Size: 69,911 Km 5th planet from the sun The planet is been known since before the third century B.C. 3389km It's the 4 planet from the sun. The color of the sun is red. The composition is made of metals. The atmosphere is made of silicon, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. The temperature is 70 to -200. Color: Orange, Brown It has 2 moons Phobos and Deimos Interesting Facts You can jump 3 times higher. It has twice as long seasons. V.I.P Facts It's highest peak is 3 times bigger than Mount Everest. The caps of Mars are carbon dioxide. Average temperature -220F
63 known moons
made of hydrogen and helium
Largest planet in our solar system. Planet with the most moons Size: 12,104 V.I.P Facts:
Only planet that contains life Color: Red, Orange The composition is made up of iron and rocky mantle and its core is made up of metal Its atmosphere is 96% Carbon Dioxide Venus's temperature is around 800 - 900 F Moons: 0 3nd planet from the sun It is an inner planet. V.I.P
The hottest planet Venus is a Inner Planet Earth is a Inner Planet Jupiter is a Outer Planet It is an inner planet. It is an outer planet or a dwarf planet.
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