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Fynn Barker

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of PDHPE

By Fynn Barker My Body is a TEMPLE In my presentation I will be comparing my
life to an Australian drover who lived around
100 years ago. I will be comparing his health
mine and also will be looking a how
different our lifestyles are/were. What am I doing? My name is Fynn Barker. I am a twelve year old boy who lives in Australia. I live in the the Northern Rivers in NSW in a place called Rosebank. I attend school in Lismore (a nearby town) at a school called called Richmond River High School. I live in a house with my parents and my younger sister. I speak English but am learning Japanese. I don't have many health conditions except asthma.
In my leisure time I like to play soccer and cards.
My favorite food would have to be spaghetti
but I also love chocolate. Things about ME! Things about my person My persons name is Peter. He was a drover, 26, and lived on the outskirts of Melbourne in 1898. He lived in a small house with is Mother and Father. He spoke English. He often got colds and sick from a the horses he owned on his farm.
He loved to ride horses as most his life was devoted towards them.
He also played Poker in his lesuir time at other forms of card games. He loved the damper that his mum cooked for him and he also liked a stew My definition of HEALTH
When you are healthy you are happy.
Your body does not feel bad. You are always well rested. You always have someone to talk to and am not afraid to talk to people about worries.
You can see your doubts and get over them. If you are healthy you also have a good social life. You have friends you like and can talk to. I eat three meals a day and snacks. My diet is
mostly balanced. On a Weekday before school I
usually eat cereal or toast for breakfast. On a weekend I usually have bacon and eggs for breakfast.
For lunch at school I have a wrap (ham and salad). some fruit and sometimes a snack like chips.
If it is a Friday I usually get canteen. For this I
have a Pizza Rounder. This is like pizza filling in dough.
The dinners I have is usually stuff like spaghetti bolognaise, curry and other yummy meals My Food Habits I live Here Peter Lives Here Peter was always taught that health is how he feels.
If he was sick he thought of that as not being healthy.
If you were overweight he thought of that not being healthy.

Peter didn't really see health as any more that how you physical body looked or felt. Peters Defenition of Health In my life my health has been quite good. I usually have a balanced diet from day to day and don't get sick that often.
I am allergic to bee stings and peanuts but both these are not severe. From birth I have carried asthma.
While I was growing up from around 3-7 my asthma was quite serious and it triggered regularly.
It was compulsory for me to carry my puffer around in case of an attack.
When I started to grow up my asthma got less serious.
I no longer got regular attacks.
From then my asthma has been mild but still there. My Health Peter's Health Peters Health was not half as good as mine.
When he lived he was poor and just made money for food and clothing
he had no real luxuries. He worked on his farm with his dad, herding cattle.
He quite often got sick or caught a disease from the cattle. He did not complain. For Peter if you had a cold it was no big deal. You could get over it and keep working . When Peter got what he called "sick" he got really sick.
The doctors and nurses did not have the technology we do now to stay healthy. There were minimum cures for diseases and life expectancy was allot shorter. The environment around him did not help as all the animals
could of been carrying diseases Peters eating Habits Peter lived on two and occasionally three meals a day. For breakfast he usually had damper his mum made herself and baked. This simple breakfast was extremely cheap. For lunch he usually had a stew with lots of vegetables and sometimes meat which was either beef or wallaby/kangaroo. He usually ate his lunch late so it acted as a dinner as well.
Peter rarely ate snacks and if he did it would be a piece of fruit like an apple. Peter's Eating Habits When Peter was a child he attended school for 2 years. There he learned basics of how to read and write. Other than that his Dad taught him everything he needed to know about the horses and cattle.
Peter had little choice but to work on the farm.
He never complained about not having a choice. Peters Education I am very lucky to have the education I have. I attend school five days a week from around 9:00am to 3:20pm. I learn subjects like English, Maths, Science but also learn life skills like Cooking, Sewing, Woodwork, and Graphics.
My mum also teaches me how to cook My Education In my leisure time I like to, go to the beach, play guitar, play sport,
and do a whole heap of other fun stuff like laying on my bed listening to music . I usually have leisure time after I complete my homework at home and on the weekends.
I can also complete leisure activities at school, before school, at recess
or at Lunchtime.
I like having fun so I love my Leisure time. My Leisure Time Peter did not get much leisure time. If he did he liked to play card games
and look after the horses. He also loved riding them down into the valley. If Peter got leisure time it would be after work for the day.
Whilst Peter was at school he got one short 15 minute lunch break. This only gave him time to eat his lunch. Peters Leisure Time I acess health information in a variety of ways. At school I learn about
health in my PDHPE class (Personnel development, Health and Physical information). I learn health in detail here and learn how I can have a balanced food diet and help to keep away illness and diseases. At school we have vaccinations which is where we get immunized from a variety of diseases, this is a luxury Peter would not have had.
When I get sick I usually go to the doctors. There I also learn why
I am not feeling well and what I can do next time to help prevent it.
I think health is an extremely important factor in life. How I access Health information Peter could not access health as well as I can.
He did NOT learn about it in school and was no immunized from diseases
as they did not have the technology then.
He did have a local doctor that took 3 hours by horse to get to.
This doctor would put a bandage on a cut and complete other
tasks like that. Peter did not have a full idea of what health was, only
what his mother told him. How Peter accessed Health information Peter worked hard long hours on his dad's farm which they made little money out of. He had no pay but he got a place to sleep and food and water.
His job was to clean the horses, round up the cattle, milk the cows, plant veges and a whole heap of other farm work.
For peter this wasn't to bad because he was completely head over heels
for animals.
He just loved to ride horses and look after cows and just be around them
for him this was a luxury. Peters Work After completing homework, eating dinner and having some leisure time, its time to got to bed for me. This is usually about 9:00pm. From then I sleep to about 7:00am and start my daily routine (unless its a weekend) which is get up, eat breakfast, pack my school bag, brush my teeth and then Im on my bus and off to school.

Peters is different after eating dinner he will probably knock off.
This is usually around 9:30pm - 10:00pm.
He usually wakes up at around 6:00am and start milking the cows. Both of Our sleeping patterns. All in all we are very different people who live very different lives.
There were some simularities but we are just so different.
The way we eat, are education, are understanding of health, The list
goes on, but at the end of it all I feel very lucky to be a child growing up in the 21st century. Conclusions
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