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Hey you! Yes, you watching this! Thank you very much for visitin my page and I appreciate for your time :) Hope you enjoy and learn sth from this ;) Its just a presentation about the negative things about cigarette! Hope you enjoy! *_*

NamJung Ryoo

on 25 August 2011

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Transcript of NEVER.EVER.SMOKE

Cigarette By NJ Usuage Chemical What's inside?
Amazingly, there are about 4000 of different chemicals in tobacco. 50 of them are carcinogenic=Causing CANCERS Most of the chemicals are hazardous, but especially... Mainly harmful and famous chemicals are these:
Nicotine Carbon Monoxide Tar Hydrocarbon Chemical commonly associated with smoking
Very addictive and diseaseful Have no color, no taste and no smell
Like the gases from cars Dangerous Composite of many compounds
Prevents from keeping smoker's lung clean
It gives the smoke its characteristic of taste and smell Ionic compound, consisting of only hydrogen and carbons Why do people smoke? Satisfaction Fun&Reward Friend Relieves troubles Why is it addictive? Good Bad Nicotine That is why,
More smoking
=More brain gets used to nicotine Thus, more smoking are needed to get more nicotine! Impacts on Society Positive/Negative effects from Cigarette Positive things about Cigarette? NOthing Positive!! + - Harms nearly every organ of body All sorts of heart/lung diseases and death Damages airway, throat and alveoli Bladder Cancer Cervix Cancer Kidney Cancer Larynx Cancer Uterus
Cancer Pharynx
Cancer Oral Cavity
Cancer Lung
Cancer Acute myeloid leukemia cancer Changes the balance of brain;
Mood and Concentraion level of smoker will change, also! Name of Cancers How Cigarette changes smoker's life? nervous... Shy... Age: 30 28 = 50 years left... 36.8 years left Because... He smokes! 80 -> 67(66.8) Shorten men's lifespan of 13.2 Years 80 Years old -> 65.5 Years old Shorten by average of 14.5 Years! Second-Hand Smoking 10,000 non-smokers die a year:
some lung cancer and some heart diseases Healing? Antidotes? Biblical Perspective E-Cigarette Performs just like original; taste, smell and look
BUT, is not harmful! Rechargeable Battery 1)Inhaling triggers a vaporizing process
2) Releasesa simulated smoke that is actually a vapor MIST that harmlessly evaporates in the air!
•Smoke it anytime, anywhere; not banned.
•No second-hand smoke.
•Costs less than tobacco smoking. With rechargeable batteries.
•Tastes like tobacco, but contains no tobacco.
•No carcinogens (safer than tobacco smoking).
•Virtually odorless; no lingering smell in clothes, home and car.
•Replicates behavioral and physical pleasures of smoking.
•Satisfies nicotine cravings.
•Easy to use (doesn't require matches, lighters or ignition).
•Won't stain your teeth and damage your skin.
•No more embarrassment or guilt.
•Not offensive to others. Why I Choose electronic cigarette instead of the traditional cigarettes? Is smoking a sin?? YES Separates them from God because of their habitual lifestyle and unrepentant behavior choices. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 " Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you have been bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body."  As Christians, we believe our bodies are the place of worship of the Lord.
Hence, we should take care of our bodies; we should not do anything we know will harm us! Although smoking a cigarette has nothing to do with one's salvation, Christians should be aware of the fact that God lives within them. Thank you,
Presented by NJ
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