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nervous system

No description

adam carter

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of nervous system

Nervous System and Respiratory sytem
By:Adam Carter&Arrington Gray Brain Aneurysm
These relatives are at higher risk for bleeding in tn the brain.
According to several studies, up to 20% of people with bleeding from in aneurysm have a first or second degree relative with a brain aneurysm.
In most families with brain aneurysms, the condition effects only 2-3 members of the extended family, and the method of inheritance is not apparent.
Brain aneurysm are very rare in children.
The liklihood of having an aneurysm increases through life.

Your brain contains 100 billion neurons,
all of which are interneuron.Each of
those neurons may recieve messages
from up to 10,000 other neurons
and may send cover to the brain.
The space between the outer most layer and
the middle layer is filled with a watery fluid.
The skull layers of connective tissue, and fluid
all help protect the brain from injury. Organs:
cord,Nerves (Lung cancer symptoms and signs)
A new cough in a smoker of a former
smoker should raise concern for lung
cancer.Repeat respiratore infection
, such as bronchitis or pneumonia,
can be a sign of lung cacer. Lung cancer
often spreads to the liver, the adrenal
glans, the bones, and the brain.Metastacic
lung cancer in the liver in the adrenal glands
also typically causes no symptoms.Metastatic
lung cancer in the liver usually does not cause symptoms, at least up to time of diagnosis. The respiratory system moves oxygen from the outside environment in to the body. It also moves carbon dioxide and water from the body. Organs:pharynx,
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