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Cobra Strike

No description

Stephan Ducharme

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Cobra Strike

Something is wrong with Johnstown, a small coal mining town run by one company, the Johns Company. Roy Linden, a football player on the Johnstown Striking Cobras, has a problem. His grandma, who he had been very close with ever since his parents died, is having a lot of birds and other small birds die around her land. Roy figures out about some wrongdoing that may threaten his friends, family and his football career. Roy's stutter and some other large reasons stop him from trying to convict the people that did the wrongdoing but, with some help from his new friend and his football team's new star quarterback, he can do what's right.
The Hook and Theme
The Hook
My book,
Cobra Strike
, takes place in a small town called Johnstown. Johnstown is a small place in the hills in southeast Kentucky. It was based around the 2000's. Most of the people there lived on farms and were like any other westerner you might have seen, most of them were very religious. Life in this novel is mostly based around football, visits with grandmothers, school and of course, some spying.
Protagonist and Antagonist
By: Sigmund Brouwer
Cobra Strike
The protagonist in my book was named Roy Linden. I know this because the book is speaking from first person and it is from the perspective of Roy Linden. Throughout the book Roy develops a lot, his personality changes a bit and he becomes a better football player. At the start of the book Roy's quarterback for his football team is not very good so, it made him look bad even though he wasn't. Once the "star" quarterback Waymen Whitley came to Roy's football team, they worked well together and won a lot of games because of it. Also, at the start of the book, Roy wasn't very keen on making too many friends because of his stuttering problem. By the end of the book, Roy had an easier time making friends because Waymen stood up for him and understood his problem.
The antagonist in my book is the Johns Company. I think that they are the antagonist because they went up against Roy for pretty much everything and they seemed to be the main bad guy in this book. I also know that the Johns Company are the antagonists because they threatened Roy and Waymen multiple times about football and even about hurting their families.
The author leads me into the story by telling me a paragraph or two of the story that is further into the book, then backtracking to tell me about the events leading up to that time. I think that this hook was effective because it made me want to read more and to figure out what Roy was talking about in the hook.
The Theme
I think the the theme of my book is perseverance. I think this since people made fun of Roy because of his stutter and he had to persevere to get though the bullying. I also think that the theme is perseverance because Roy had to keep persevering to find out what was wrong with his grandma's water, even though he was threatened.
My Hook
I suggest you to read the book Cobra Strike if you like sports or, even if you don’t like sports very much, if you like a mystery type book then you will definitely enjoy my book. This book makes you never want to stop reading and it is an easy read for pretty much every skill level.

Report by: Stephan Ducharme
Passage from the book
“I had parked my truck in the corner of the parking lot. The light above it was out, and that put the truck in shadows.
That should have made me cautious. The light had been on when I parked there. I didn’t think about that until it was too late and someone stepped out of the shadows.
He was a tall man with shoulders as wide as a cement truck. He wore a black jacket and a black ball cap that made his face impossible to see. I wished I had a flashlight.”

Should you read this book?
Personally, I think that you should definitely read this book. I think that you should read this book because it is really interesting, it’s realistic and it paints a vivid picture in your head. It is so interesting because the water had chemicals in it and he could use microscopes and other biology equipment from the biology classroom to help him find out what exactly what it was. Its so realistic because something like this could actually happen, I think that that makes it more enjoyable to read. It paints a vivid picture in your head because the author uses a lot of adjectives and uses topics most people can relate to.
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