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Emma by Jane Austen

No description

Maddie Bates

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Emma by Jane Austen

Emma by Jane Austen
comedy of manners
difficulties in society
women accept marriage
dont say what they feel
mr elton's idea
emma's father moving to bath
protagonist/ antagonist
other peoples love lives
learns about herself
no motivation/fell asleep
difficult vocabulary words
First impression:
value manners
rising action
harriet and mr. elton= bad idea
mr. elton expresses feelings
emma pretends love toward frank
insults miss bates
mr. knightley reprimands her
emma feels bad
falling action
emma loves mr. knightley
harriet has feelings for him
no stress
bond with father
emma and knightley confess feelings
harriet accepts proposal
jane and frank prepare
dynamic: emma
her feelings
static: isabella
compared to emma
perfect housewife
dynamic vs. static
not wealthy
doesnt know parents
"It was as much as Emma could bear, without being impolite," (Austen 56).
emma misjudges harriet
emma misjudges her feelings
jealous of harriet
told in third person
mr. winston wrote letter
no scarlet fever in cobham
to reassure her
not knowing relationships
emma fails at matchmaker
harriet and mr. martin marry
emma and mr. knightley: engaged
"If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more," (austen 389)
internal conflict
doesn't know feelings
cause for matchmaking
external conflict
mr. knightley vs. emma:
makes harriet decline proposal
yells at her
bad friend/shouldnt of done it
are revealed through others
words/actions show a lot
ex: emma's doesnt care about lower status people
"ah! ma'am, but there may be difficulty. Pardon me, but you will be limited as to the number,-- only three at once," (austen 335)
how they live
social class
nineteenth century
light mood
emmas illusions as comical
humorous ending
happily ever after
shows defects of society
riddles and word games
misjudgments or mistakes
Mr. Elton's token of courtship
Jane and frank's relationship
Style and Language
short sentences
information packed
tough vocab
free indirect discourse
"Your meaning must be unequivocal: no doubts or demurs, and such expressions of gratitude and concern for the pain you are inflicting as property requires, will present themselves unbidden to your mind,..." (Austen 44).
emma as matchmaker
woman marry first proposal
move up in society
high in society or looked down upon
"I think her the very worst sort of companion that Emma could possibly have. She knows nothing herself, and looks upon Emma as knowing everything," (Austen 33)
show readers good/bad
my opinion
fairly good
difficult at first
interesting at end
ending wasnt surprising
opened my eyes
survey results
seven said marriage is important
three said social status is important
five said social status and marriage are related
comments said who you marry effects who you hang out with
no one said they would marriage to increase social status
one person said matchmaking doesn't work
seven said it works sometimes
(out of eight people)
author information
setting info
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