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Apple Computer

No description

Lauren Creps

on 19 March 2018

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Transcript of Apple Computer

The Apple Store
-After High School graduation, I needed a laptop for college. I went with my Dad to Best Buy to look at different options and really liked how the Apple products looked and felt. We decided to go to the Apple Store to see all of the options and have the ability to mess around with the computer before buying it. With how amazing the store and customer service was, it was obvious to go with an apple product.

First Encounter: Spring 2014
-One main attraction to this product was how easy it was to use. Being someone who is not the most tech savvy having a hardware that was simple and efficient was something that I personally needed.

-With how easy it is to use anyone can really use it no matter if they are using it for school, home computer, to watch movies, etc.

-One big draw about this ecosystem is that the company has many products and all of them sync perfectly with each other. Being a IPhone user this was so important to be able to have a computer that would allow me to connect to all of my devices at once. (Villas-Boas, "Why Apple's ecosystem is King")
- The ability to move information from your computer to your phone or vise versa through AirDrop is an aspect of the ecosystem that really catches peoples eyes.

-The only real requirement to use this computer would be the wifi or data connection. Once benefit of Apple is that if you have a hotspot on your phone, you would still be able to connect to your computer through your phone.
Apple's Ecosystem
-Apple has created a community. One that people not only are proud to be in but also one that they would defend and stand up for.

-The ability to efficiently and intuitively use the computer as well as many other applications instantly is what gives Apple an edge over other computers. This is the reason so many young children already have the skill to use this type of computer at the age of 4 and 5.

-Another edge that the computer has over others is the ability to take it to the store's genius bar and have it worked on while you are there. There is no shipping away of your computer and being without it for many days. The store allows for customers with problems or questions to take in to the store and get everything answered.
Why Apple?
Apple Computer
"(Putting) a ding in the universe" -Steve Jobs
-One main way that Apple makes money is through their marketing and customer loyalty. Their marketing draws people into the idea of becoming apart of something bigger than just buying a computer. The company creates loyalty through this which brings more people to join the society that Apple has cultivated.

-Keeping the technology behind this hardware simple allows the company to profit from having people of all ages use their product over others based on the simplicity of the device.
How Apple Profits






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