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Presentation for EB/CBA Planning Session

No description

Courtney Ready

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Presentation for EB/CBA Planning Session

Mexico-United States Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council (MUSEIC)
High Level Economic Dialogue (Sept. 2013) and Beyond
Competitiveness and Connectivity
Economic Growth, Production and Innovation
Global Leadership
Promotion of Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Trade Facilitation
Regulatory Cooperation
Transportation and Telecommunications Cooperation
Cooperation in Global and Regional Fora
More than neighbors, partners in an integrated enterprise
$500 billion in bilateral trade
US-Mexico trade supports six million U.S. jobs
40% of imports from Mexico consist of U.S. content
MUSEIC Council
26 Council Members (14 US/12 Mex)
Comprised of seven subcommittees
Each subcommittee has launched
1-3 meetings convened for each
Over four dozen subcommittee members
Entrepreneurship Week in Mexico (August 5th-9th)
Meetings held INADEM Offices in Mexico
Prep for presentations during Council's first official meeting in Mexico City on September 12th, 2013
Women's Entrepreneurship
Objective: Promoting entrepreneurship led by women
Luz Maria de la Mora, We Connect
Ana Luisa Fajer, SRE
Key Deliverables:
2nd WeConnect International Forum: "Incorporating Women-Owned Businesses into Global Value Chains"
Latin Diaspora
SME Integration
Objective: Promoting and integrating the infrastructure supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs (incubators, accelerators, and small business development centers)
Bob McKinley, UTSA
Luis Aguirre-Torres, Green Momentum
Key Deliverables:
•SBNA Sister Center Initiative Workshop in Orlando in September

Regional Innovation Clusters
Tech. Commercialization
Access to Capital
Legal Framework
Objective: Provide a legal framework that encourages innovative entrepreneurship
Kyle Wells, Department of Commerce
America Padilla, CINVESTAV
Key Deliverables:
July 15-16-CLDP Lawyers met with INADEM, Hacienda officials, and VC community to share best practices on catalyzing the early-stage financing system
Objective: Provide a legal framework that encourages innovative entrepreneurship
Romi Bhatia, USAID
Fernando Sepulvea, Impulsa Mexico
Key Deliverables:
La Idea Business Pitch Competition-fostering cross-border business ties between Latina and Hispanic American entrepreneur
Objective: Facilitating exchanges in expertise and best practices in tech development of regional innovation clusters and marketing chains
Colleen Fisher, Dept. of Commerce
Alfredo Sanchez, Plataforma Tech
Key Deliverables:
DOC’s EDA methodology shared for mapping RICs
Pilot RIC's in border cities
Objective: Exchange of expertise and best practices to support tech commercialization and marketing chains
Thomas Bowles, NMCAS
Gustavo Villar, CONACYT
Key Deliverables:
Startup Boot Camp Competition: supporting business plan development for innovative and high-impact technologies amongst scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs
Geeks on a Plane Reception September 12
Objective: Provide a legal framework that encourages innovative entrepreneurship
Lesa Mitchell, Kauffman Foundation
Alex Rossi, Amexcap
Key Deliverables:
Angel Investment Conference completed to educate Mexican investors and entrepreneurs on the angel investing process
On May 9, 2013, the statement of intent was signed, cementing the U.S. partner ship in Mexico promoting innovation
Prosperity & Economic Integration
Western Hemisphere Affairs
Caroline Croft
Commercial Advocacy
Facilitate and coordinate commercial advocacy
Outreach to U.S. business community
Support officers at posts with programs and tools to facilitate commercial diplomacy
Promote entrepreneurship and women’s business leadership
Support Global Entrepreneurship Program
Follow Up from latest Initiatives
Global Business Conferences
Colombia Infrastructure Conference
WEConnect Conference in Chile and Mexico
Public Private Partnerships (ARI)
Upcoming Initiatives
EB/CBA Planning Meeting
August 27, 2013
The 3rd U.S.-Brazil Innovation Summit
Rio de Janeiro on Sept. 11-12, 2013

Deepens the strong US-Brazil dialogue in order to spark and accelerate mutually beneficial, bilateral technological and business projects
White House Public-Private Partnership Initiative
Completed best practices guide for public-private partnerships
WH intends to create executive order for authority, consistency, and liability in accelerating use of public-private partnerships across USG agencies
State Dept. noted as a model for use of PPP
Enterprise Development Network
In conjunction with OPIC
Provide a common platform for businesses to find resources from qualified and trusted providers
Fill gap in global effort to strengthen developing economies
Still in planning/data compilation phases
Deliverable: Embassy entrepreneurship contact database
Americas Competitiveness Forum
Panama City, Oct. 2-3, 2013
Provides an opportunity for business-to-business and business-to-government discussions yielding practical actions that can improve competitiveness and economic prosperity in the Americas
"La Joya de la Corona" of WHA Fall 2013
And now...
VP Biden to visit Mexico in Sept. 2013
Key Tenants of HLED
Promoting Competitiveness and Connectivity (transportation and telecommunication)
Fostering Economic Growth, Productivity, and Innovation (economic development and entrepreneurship)
Partnering for Regional and Global Leadership
Private Sector/Stakeholder Engagement

"So guided by the new economic dialogue that President Peña Nieto and I announced yesterday, let’s do more to unlock the true potential of our relationship...Let’s help our smaller businesses, which employ most of our workers, access new markets and new capital -- the big markets right across the border. Let’s empower our young entrepreneurs as they create startup companies that can transform how we live"
Colombia High Level Partnership Dialogue (HLPD)
Sept. 12, 2013

U.S.-Brazil Innovation Partnership Fund
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