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The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan

No description

Evan DeCloedt

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Setting- The book takes place in modern times. The book takes place in a variety of places from Texas to New York City. The book takes place in a world where Egyptian gods are real. In the book the world is going to end and Carter and his sister need to save it. The theme of the story is to never give up even if the odds are against you. I think the theme is this because in the story Carter and Sadie have to fight a much stronger enemy and the refuse to give up. The Serpent's Shadow By Rick Riorden The main Protagonist of the story is named Carter. He is an African American teenager. I would describe him as being brave, athletic, protective, and strong. He is brave because he charges into battle against all sorts of demons and monsters. I think he is athletic because he spends a lot of time training for battle and is in good shape.I think he is protective because he tries his best to protect his sister from the enemy. Finally, I think he is strong because in the book, his sister said he looked strong from all of the training he was doing. Protagonist Conflict The conflict in my book is person vs society. It's actually Carter vs Aphophis and his minions. It is person vs society because Carter has to fight the evil serpent Aphophis and his army. Figurative Language
In my book there is a lot of examples of figurative language. One example of figurative language is a simile. In the book. One of the main characters is drowning and in the book it says his lungs burned like fire. This is a simile because he compares the pain in his lungs to fire using the word like. Another example of figurative language would be when they describe their friend who doesn't have a soul. They said that he was like an empty shell of a human. Imagery One example of imagery in my book would be when Carter is flying over an army of demons and describes it as a sea of monsters. The author is trying to convey how many demons there were and make the reader picture thousands of them marching forwards. Theme Summary The book The Serpent's Shadow takes place in a world where Egyptian gods and legends are real and only certain people can see them or interact with them. The main character is named Carter and has a sister named Sadie. The story starts off where the second book ended. In the second book a giant snake called Apophis tries to eat the sun and is delayed by Carter and Sadie. At the start of the book they are in a museum in Texas searched for a certain artifact that can help slay Apophis. While they are there Apophis attacks the museum and kills all of the magicians that were there. After the events at the museum a Russian magician comes to Carter and Sadie and tells them about Apophis' new plot to destroy the world. Looking for answers, Carter consults the god of knowledge Thoth. He tells Carter of a way to defeat Apophis by capturing his Shadow. But their is a complicated spell that has to be done to do this, and the only copy of it that exists was stolen from Thoth by an evil magician named Setne and Carter goes and gets it from him while stopping his evil plans. The climax of the story is the final battle when Carter, Sadie and all the other magicians and gods fight Apophis and his minions in Egypt.
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