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New Mexico

No description

Katherine Orlando

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of New Mexico

New Mexico
Visit New Mexico for great Mexican food and stunning views!

Significant Historical Facts
If Spanish settlers didn't come New Mexico wouldn't be a Hispanic state.
If Spanish didn't get to New Mexico so early Santa Fe would not be the oldest capital.
In1912, President William Howard Taft let New Mexico be a state.
In 1680, Pueblo Indians begin taking land from the Spanish settlers. The settlers tried to take back the land.
Geographic Features
New Mexico has the Rio Grande which is long but not deep.
New Mexico also has White Sands National Monument which covers 275 square miles.THAT IS BIGGER THAN D.C.!!!
New Mexico also has the valley of fire which was made by lava long ago.
New Mexico also has hot springs which goes upward in many spots in the land.
Natural Resources
Industries and Jobs
Places to Visit
Pie town
International UFO Museum
Museum of Space History
Boque Delapache
Did You Know?
Albuquerque has a hot air balloon festival every October.
Santa Fe is the oldest capital in the U.S.A.
Wolf Canyon can get a average 24.17 inches of rain.
New Mexico has the best Mexican food in the U.S.A.
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