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cool snowflakes

jonathan depasquale 503

J Kostenbader

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of cool snowflakes

cool snowflakes
Jonathan Depasquale 503
Three different snowflake symbols are encoded in Unicode: "snowflake" at U+2744 (❄); "tight trifoliate snowflake" at U+2745 (❅); and "heavy chevron snowflake" at U+2746 (❆)

what symble is snowflakes
Snowflakes come in a shape like a star
what shape are snowflakes
Snowflakes are not white there clear the sun makes it white
what color are snowflakes
Rarely, at a temperature of around −2 °C (28 °F),
how cold are snowflakes
can snowflake freeze
Once a droplet has frozen, it grows in the supersaturated environment, which is one where air is saturated with respect to ice when the temperature is below the freezing point.
’Guinness World Records list the world's largest (aggregate) snowflakes as those of January 1887 at Fort Keogh, Montana; allegedly one measured 15 inches (38 cm) wide’’
what was the biggest snowflake
how do snowflakes form
snow flakes form from rain in the sky it freezes and turns to snow the when it hits the ground it turns into ice
fun facts
.snowflakes tast great
.snowflakes are very cold
.snowflakes can be dangerus
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