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Juicing with doTerra

No description

Lisa Martino

on 28 July 2013

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Transcript of Juicing with doTerra

Getting Started
Decide your level of commitment:
24-hour detox break
A good way to test out the benefits of juicing without a heavy commitment!
3-day jump start
Perfect for a weekend! Plan on some down-time on Day 2, when the body goes into high-gear detoxing.
Benefits of Juicing
Increased energy
Opportunity to re-evaluate eating habits
Gives your internal organs a rest and allows the body to use energy for detoxifying and healing
Feel more present and focused
Get a super dose of nutrients
Increased feelings of well-being
Weight loss

Tips for Success!
• Start your days with a cup of warm water with the juice of ½ lemon. This gets your organs "moving."

• It is also really important to drink A LOT of water while on a juice cleanse. You may feel very tired, foggy or sluggish --- this is a good sign, and shows that toxins, chemicals, and pollutants are leaving your system. Flooding yourself with water (especially when you feel this way) will help clear this up by flushing the organs and moving toxins out of your body. I try to drink at least one glass of water for each glass of juice.

• Keep a toothbrush on hand. Your tongue may get coated and teeth may start to feel a little fuzzy after the first day. This is normal.
doTERRA Support
Glass jars
Stainless steel thermos
Plastic (non-citrus juices, no oils)
There are many great juicing plans and recipes out there, and finding one is as easy as searching on Google. Here are some suggestions:

Jason Vale's 3, 5, and 7-day plans are easy to follow and taste great!
Joe Cross turned his life and health around with juicing, as seen in the documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead."
Recipes from the makers of one of the best juicers around
Spirulina - for protein

Wheatgrass - for increased energy, beneficial enzymes & more

Liquid Chlorophyll - for chelation of heavy metals

Probiotics - for gut support
A Juicing Plan


with doTERRA

hitting the re-set button on your health!
Most common and least expensive.
Juice faster, using both friction and spinning actions to express the juice and separate it from the pulp
Great for beginners!
Popular with dedicated juicers
Function by slowly grinding juice out of the fruit or vegetable; also extract the most juice
Work better at juicing leafy greens, and do not produce heat while extracting the juice, something experts believe kills the beneficial live enzymes
Grapefruit: Curbs cravings and emotional eating

Slim & Sassy: Craving support

Citrus Bliss: Mood support

DigestZen: Nausea or digestive issues

PB Assist: Pre- and probiotic support
Thank you!
doTERRA Independent Product Consultant
Lisa M. Martino
Soul Coach Lisa
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