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Belly Up by Stuart Gibbs

No description

Austin Howard

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Belly Up by Stuart Gibbs

A zoo named FunJungle is the first and main setting in the story, and takes place in Texas. This setting is important to the story because the main storyline takes place at FunJungle most of the story. It is also very important because a hippo named Henry dies, and the majority of the investigation is done at FunJungle.
The second main setting in the story is Theodore's trailer. This place is important because Theodore's mom and himself make out some of the details of Henry the Hippo's death.
The Antagonist in the story is Charlie (A.K.A. Larry the Lizard)
The Protagonist in the story is Theodore, a twelve year old boy who figures out the death of Henry the Hippo.
These characters motivate the story by involving in Henry the Hippo's death at FunJungle. Charlie, (Larry the Lizard) meets up with Theodore and daughter of FunJungle owner, Summer McCraken, to give them information on who might have killed Henry the Hippo. Theodore is the protagonist because he is the main character in the story. He is also the protagonist because he is the lead in the Henry the Hippo death.
Twelve year old, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt Fitzroy, has got a murder on his hands and trouble on his tail. Henry, the hippopotamus at the brand new nationally known FunJungle, has gone belly up. Even though it's claimed he died of natural causes, Teddy smells something fishy, and it sure isn't the polar bear's lunch. So Teddy gets out to find the truth. With the help of Summer McCraken, a feisty girl, with secrets of her own, the two narrow down their prime suspects. Is it Martin del Gato who hates both animals, and kids? Or is it J.J. McCraken, the owner of FunJungle, and Summer's father, who loves his money more than his animals? The deeper Teddy and Summer get, the more the danger mounts. When it comes to hippo homicide the truth can't be kept in a cage!
Don't judge a book by its cover. The reason I picked this theme for the story is the fact that throughout the story, Teddy judges and accuses other people of killing Henry the Hippo. He accused people simply because they either didn't like animals, kids, or both. Teddy also accused people, because of earlier experiences they had with Henry.
Plot Diagram
The first conflict of the story was that Teddy could not find out who killed Henry the hippo. This event was man vs. nature, because Teddy couldn't find out what happened to Henry. Hippos are animals which are part of nature which is why this is man vs. nature.
The second conflict in the story was that a tiger from FunJungle was let loose at a party, and Teddy was face to face with the tiger . This was man vs. nature, because Teddy had to figure out how to react to the tiger when he came face to face with the big beast! Tigers are also part of nature because they are animals.
Belly Up by Stuart Gibbs
A Report by Austin Howard

Rising Action
Falling Action
Henry the Hippo mysteriously dies at FunJungle
The characters are Teddy and his parents, Summer
McCraken, Doc, Martin, and J.J. McCraken.
Teddy and Summer McCraken investigate
deeper into Henry's death, and find out more
about Henry the Hippo's death.
Teddy's parents get arrested but Teddy
manages to escape and find a way to
J.J. McCraken.
Teddy proves it wasn't teddy and his parents that
killed Henry the Hippo.
Teddy and J.J. McCraken find out that Buck,
the security guard, killed Henry and Teddy's
parents are released.
Favorite Quotes
"Respect mother nature for what it gives you"
and "Animals are gifts of nature, don't use them in a wrong way" These are my favorite quotes from the book, because they both tell how mother nature is a gift not a curse. Nature is something that happens for good, and we shouldn't waste it.
If I could rewrite one part of the book I would change the part at the end where it says "Marge cracked her knuckles and looked J.J. McCraken square in the eyes." Instead I would say "Marge cracked her knuckles and looked J.J. McCraken square in the eyes, and gave him an evil, angry snarl."
I would rate this novel four stars because it was a really interesting, and a mysterious book with lots of suspense. An audience with patience, and also to people who love a mystery novel.
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