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Culture, Geography, Economy

Madison+Peyton Cookie

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of Australia

Australia By: Peyton Fisher Geography Climate
*The largest part is desert
*south-east and south-west, temperate and semi-fertile soil
*northern, tropical climate and part desert and grassland
(temperature varies from above 50 Celsius to 0 Celsius. It is colder because of the lack of mountains and surrounding oceans)
*There are frequent droughts lasting for several seasons * ACT= AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY States and Territories
Western Australia
New South Wales
Northern Territory
Australian Capital Territory
South Australia Natural Resources-
minerals, coal, natural gas, uranium ore, zinc, lead, aluminum, gold, diamonds, iron ore, nickel,
petroleum, uranium, bauxite,
silver, and copper More Facts
*world's smallest continent
*sixth-largest country in the world
*Auatralia ranges from snow capped mountains of the Australian Alps and Tasmania to large deserts, tropical and temperate forests Aboriginies-
*spun bark, stems, and leaves into rope (also used for nets)
*roots to make string (dyed and wove together to make clothes)
*in hot summers Aborigines wore no clothing or short fringes (made of string, feathers, or animal tails) over their private areas)
*in cooler places cloaks of possum or kangaroo skins were worn
*some places leaf skirts and jewelry made out of teeth, bone, and shells are worn
*during special time headdresses made out of emu feathers and other materials are worn
Aboriginal Art
*painting on leaves
*wood carving
*rock carving
*sand painting
*earth colors used (grey, red, green, brown)
a*rt includes thing from nature (animal, plants, so on) Culture Native Influence-
For the most part the culture of the aborigines were not noticed by the English except for the occasional appearances in the news paper and other media. The art these people create are also bought. Settler Influence-
religion (Christian)
taking aboriginal land
conflicts with settlers Some Art Economy The main industries for jobs-
tourism Main Countries traded with-
New Zealand
South Korea
Britain *Mixed economy ( Leans more to market)
*1 Australian Dollar=1.07605 U.S Dollar
*GDP= $1.22 trillion dollars <-------------------------------------------------------------->
Market ^ Mixed Command
Australia Books
The Aboriginal Peoples of Australia
Australia and Oceania
Australia Enchantment of the World

Google Documents
Country Reports
Aboriginalart.com.au Bibliography ThankS For Watching
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