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90's in a Nutshell

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Paul Mendoza

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of 90's in a Nutshell


1997-Cloning, Mother Theresa, Princess Diana
The 1990's- In a nutshell
Renaya Demarest, Skyler Mendoza, Arianna Sisneros, Timothy Thompson
Natural disasters, Tyson, riots, and Dahmer
Mike Tyson Convicted of Rape
Cape Mendocino, CA- 7.2 Mag Earthquake
April 25, 1992
No significant physical damage, mostly offshore
Landers, CA- 7.3 Mag Earthquake
July 28th, 1992
Aftershock was 6.3, felt as far as Boise, Idaho
44-mile long trench
400 people injured, great property damage
Hurricane Andrew Strikes
Started as tropical wave off west coast of Africa
Became a tropical storm on August 17th, 1992
Reached category four on August 24th, 1992- 941 millibars of pressure
Struck Dade County, Florida August 24th, 1992
Caused $25 bil+ in damages, almost 70 deaths, destroyed 50,000 homes
Feb 15th- Dahmer found guilty of killing 15 boys. Sentenced to 15 life terms, later bludgeoned to death in prison
Rodney King (black) beaten by police when refused arrest in 1991, filmed from bushes
April 29th, 1992- Police dismissed as not guilty, L.A. Riots began
Lasted several days, 53 died, 2,000 injured
Tupac, Flight down, Summer Olympics
Centennial Park Bombing
1996 Summer Olympics- Held in Atlanta, GA
July 27th, 1996- Pipe bomb rigged with nails/screws exploded at 1:25 AM
Killed 1, injured 111
Flight TWA 800 Down
July 17th, 1996, flight from New York to Paris exploded
Landed in Long Island, 230 people on board died
Tupac Shakur Shot
Shot four times while riding with friend in car on September 7th, 1996
Believed to have been gang activity; rapper picked fight with a Crip a few hours prior
Died September 13th, 1996
New Decade, New ways
The Hubble
Gardener Heist
New Year, New War...
AND Russia
Baseball. Oj. nafta.
Feds Attack, MJ, Black Hawk Down,
Black Hawk Down
October 3rd, 1993
120 troops raided compound
Troops pinned down by enemy fire, two helicopters shot down
Evacuation canceled, remaining helicopters fell back
American casualties: 18 dead, 73 injured
Michael Jackson Case
13 year old boy charged Jackson with sexual battery, willful misconduct, and emotional distress.
Jackson was blackmailed for money the whole time
Unproven whether or not case was real
Jackson claimed to have "sweetly" slept in bed with many children
Paid 15-40 million dollars out of court settlement
Other lawsuits filed in 1996 and 2003
Federal Attack
Feb. 28, 1993- Bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms (ATF) raided doomsday cult Branch Dravidian's compound due to reports on illegal weapons
Raiders were fired upon, 4 were killed
FBI was called to help negotiate, leader Dave Koresh did not surrender
Stalemate continued for 51 days
April 19th, tear gas was released but was ineffective because of oxygen masks
Tear gas was probably flammable, resulted in a fire
Only 9 Davidians survived
February 22nd, 1997- Dolly the sheep cloned
Mother Theresa
September 5th, 1997- Mother Theresa died of a heart attack
Dedicated entire life to poor and unfortunate
Opened houses for destitute in India and U.S.
Princess Diana
August 31st 1997- Princess Diana dies in car accident
Chased by press under bridge, car was clipped and crashed into wall
Chauffeur and boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed killed
1,000,000 people attended funeral
The Wars are settling
The "Cold War" Finally Ends
Iraqi Troops Begin Retreating From the U.s.
Spread of cholera in South America
U.S. Invents the Airbag
Terrorist Attack,
Oklahoma city bombing
Tex-Mex Queen Murdered
The last of the Decade...
Ultimate Snowstorm
Columbine High School Massacre
Kennedy Family dies in plane crash
Y2K Scare
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