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Case of Stan: Existentialist Therapy

No description

Sarah Pelfrey

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Case of Stan: Existentialist Therapy

Existential Therapy Case of Stan: Introduction Techniques and Procedures Help the client identify their beliefs
Explore these beliefs
Where did they come from
Are they the clients?
Why does the client believe these things?
Explore goals
Why are these goals important
They can give Stan's life meaning
Who are the goals for?
Is Stan working toward these goals?
Encourage to take steps toward these goals Therapist's Function Relationship Between Therapist and Stan Stan's Experience in Therapy Goals of Therapy Self awareness
Come to terms with being alone
Authentic Self
Find Meaning
Dealing with anxiety over death There are few fully Existential techniques, as it serves as more of a supplemental therapy
Reflect Stan's statements
Explores Stan's goals
Encourage Stan to gain a deeper understanding of himself
Challenge Stan's passivity
Assess if Stan might be threat to self I/ Thou relationship
Presence of the therapist
Therapist even opens up to Stan about his career's significance to him Nervous
Meaning of his life
"Bad Faith"
"Better off dead"
Too hard on Himself Stan's Goals Talk to his father about how he feels
Go back to school so he can work with children
Get his father's approval
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