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The Value & Importance of Sport in Society

Ms. Rideout Kinesiology

Sabinka Kuczera

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of The Value & Importance of Sport in Society

The Value & Importance of Sport in Society
Sports have been known to motivate people, keep people fit, bring people together; give us something to watch & something to talk about.
But why? Why did we become so involved in sports? And how did sports first come to be?
Whether it's at a bar, at school, in your living room, or even your backyard, sports have become a part of almost everyone's lives.
Before we can understand why sports are so important to us, you have to know
sports were invented
Health & Wellness
Greece & Rome
Later on Greeks and Romans believed that athletics was also an important part of a young mans education
Sports were originally played to honour their Gods, such as the Olympic, Isthmos & Pythian games, as well as for entertainment
A Brief History of the Reasons Behind the Invention of Sport
Aztecs (American Natives) in the early 16th century played a game called Tlachti.
The winners would claim all the clothes and jewelry that they wished from the spectators.
Losers were decapitated and offered as a sacrifice to the Aztec Gods
As far back as 4000 B.C.E, the teaching of chinese martial arts was a recognized as a necessary part of overall education and personal excellence. It was also important for training chinese soldiers

Martial Arts

Martial Arts incorporated ideas and philosophies in it's practices, expanding it's purpose from self defense, to health maintenance and a method of self cultivation.
Sumo wresting is an important side of traditional Japenese sport. It is a religious occasion as well as a sporting event.
Many Sumo rituals are closely associated with Shinto belief. It is also believed that some ancient sumo matches were purely a religious event, with a predetermined outcome as an offering to Kami.
Pre-Edo Period
Edo Period
Sports became a very popular way to spend time, but also were often accompanied with gambling.
Sports were played by both adults and children. They were often played to practice hunting skills, spiritual learning, or for entertainment.
There are three kinds of games that were played; chance, strategy and lifestyle. All three served a very important purpose in society.
Basic educational skills like math, probability and strategy were learned through many of the games played.
So why are sports still so relevant today?
The Money Behind it All
Egyptians set the rules & regulations of many of today's sports. Inscriptions were done on monuments.
Unlike Romans, Egyptians practiced 'peaceful' sports, aimed at enhancing their fitness and athletic prowess, as well as for providing entertainment.
Do you see a pattern?
The reason behind sports and athletics in almost all of the countries came down to a only a few things:
Religious Reasons
Whether it was a sacrifice, an honouring to their Gods or a relgious celebration.
Spiritual/Physical Wellness
Education/ Beneficial for Society
To educate people in various ways, as well as train & prepare for battle.
To achieve an inner sense of enlightnment & be physically healthy
To entertain the public &/or yourself.
We may not be playing sports for sacrifice or to honour Gods often anymore, but sports are still played for several reasons:
Spiritual & Physical Wellness
And one of the largest factors today, that wasn't very relevant before:
Cash Flow
Going back forward in time...
Being athletic is important to live a healthy lifestyle.
Being athletic will keep you in good shape, decrease the chance of diseases and will overall improve your life, physically and emotionally.
Sports are important today because...
Many people enjoy playing sports, but possibly even more people enjoy watching sports
Watching sports can bring people together, strengthen friendships, motivate people to be active, and you could even learn from it.
Sports provide jobs for hundreds and thousands of people. These jobs include:
The Athlete
Athlete Physiotherapist
The owner of sporting arenas/areas
Food/snack person
Chefs for box seats
Sport fan items (fan finger)
Money plays one of the largest roles in sports today.
Sports provides people with jobs
Sports are one of the largest targets for money flow. Whether it's a "Sports Night Special" at the bar, buying your favourite team's jersey, going to see the game, or even placing bets.
Some sports are still religious in some parts of the world, such as sumo in Japan
So how do we VALUE sports?
Sports have become a very important part of many people lives. Whether it's the reason you go out with your friends, it's your way to let off steam, keeps you fit, gets you a scholarship, or you might even just plainly love sports; sports are what keep people moving.
For some people, sports may be just about the money, but for many it isn't.
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