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Themes in Myths and Modern Literature: Curiosity Can Lead To

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Rishab Solanki

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Themes in Myths and Modern Literature: Curiosity Can Lead To

: Ancient Greece
: Prometheus steals fire from Olympia and revealed the miracle to humans. Zeus takes vengeance by creating Pandora, and a box
Presence of Theme
: Pandora gifted with curiosity, opened the box and released its contents: the evil spirits of old age and disease contaminating humanity with the dreadful "things"
Pandora's Box
: France
: A man with a blue beard convinces a women to marry her. One day Bluebeard must leave the country for a while, and gives his wife all the keys, including the key of a room she is forbidden to go into.
Presence of Theme
: After Bluebeard left, his wife was immediately overcome with the urge to visit the room she was forbidden to go into the room, and witnesses a ghastly sight.
Coyote Steals the Sun and Moon
: Native American
: Eagle and Coyote need to find light to hunt, and steal box of light from the Kachinas
Presence of Theme
: Coyote opens the box of light, after being instructed not to, to see what is inside
Excessive Curiosity Can Lead To One's Downfall
Themes in Myths and Modern Literature:
By Michael Bellars and Rishab Solanki
A scientist looks to find the secret of life: to bring an inanimate being to life
Presence of Theme:
The scientist's excessive curiosity about the secret of life consumes him and he ends up creating a monster which destroys his life
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